Shock! NPR Calls It Quits After Lies Exposed by Twitter

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 Discover the shocking truth about NPR and its lies on Twitter. Elon Musk was right to call out their deceitful reporting.

The recent decision by Twitter to label National Public Radio (NPR) as “state-affiliated media” has exposed the organization’s lies and deceitful reporting. This comes as no surprise since NPR has repeatedly been caught spreading fake news and blatantly ignoring key stories. In fact, NPR’s CEO John Lansing recently decided to take down the organization’s Twitter account as a way to protect their credibility. This move just confirms that Elon Musk was right to call out NPR’s lies and stand up to the controlled media.

NPR has a long history of ignoring important stories and spreading fake news. One of the most infamous cases was their reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop story leading up to the 2020 election. Despite overwhelming evidence, NPR played down the story and even went as far as to call it a distraction. This was a clear bias in reporting and showed that NPR cannot be trusted to report the facts.

NPR said in a statement that.   As a result of Twitter’s actions that undermine our credibility by falsely implying we are not editorially independent, NPR’s organization accounts will no longer be active on Twitter. As a result, we will not publish our journalism on platforms that have shown an interest in undermining our credibility and the public’s understanding of our editorial independence. Our audiences and communities are turning away from Twitter, but not from us.”

Following that announcement NPR shut down its twitter feed.

Moreover, NPR’s decision to remove their Twitter account further exposes their lack of independence and their reliance on state funding. By removing themselves from Twitter, they are trying to hide their dependence on taxpayer funds, which runs into the millions. This just proves that NPR’s purported independence is merely an illusion.

NPR’s whining about the Twitter tag and their decision to remove themselves from the platform is nothing short of a rhetorical meltdown. They are clearly trying to save face after being exposed for their biased reporting and refusal to report on key stories. Moreover, their desperate attempt to promote their work on Chinese-owned TikTok only shows that they would rather pander to a communist regime than stand for truth and integrity.

NPR’s decision to remove themselves from Twitter is a clear sign that they are a biased and deceitful organization. They have lost all credibility and are now actively hiding from public scrutiny. Their reliance on state funding and their disregard for the truth make them nothing more than a propaganda outlet. We must stand with those who are brave enough to call out NPR’s lies and hold them accountable for their actions. Elon Musk was right to speak out, and we must follow his lead if we want to fight against the controlled media.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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