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Are you living in fear for your life? You’re not alone. The recent chaos and destruction in downtown Chicago and other cities across America have left ordinary Americans terrified for their safety. Lawless thugs are terrorizing innocent drivers, and criminals are celebrating in Democrat strongholds. With progressive policies and lawlessness becoming a deadly combination for American cities, law and order are in crisis. It’s time to ask yourself, are you prepared for the stark choice facing American voters: safe streets or anarchy? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t be the next victim of Democrat-sponsored crime waves. Who is to blame for the chaos in Chicago? Find out now.

Brandon Johnson, who was recently elected as the new Mayor of Chicago, made a statement that has caused controversy and backlash. Speaking to a group advocating for a future without police, Johnson asserted that black people should not be subjected to the oppressive power of “state-sponsored policing” as a means of fighting back against systemic white supremacy. However, less than two weeks after his remarks, downtown Chicago erupted in chaos and violence, leading many to question the wisdom of Johnson’s words.

The recent chaos in downtown Chicago and other cities across the country has left ordinary Americans living in fear for their lives. The progressive policies of Democrat politicians have emboldened criminals, leaving our streets in chaos and our communities in ruins. In this article, we will examine the root causes of this lawlessness and suggest practical solutions to restore order to our cities.

During a CBS news interview, the former mayor of Chicago made a statement that what viewers witnessed on the news was not considered to be ‘mayhem’.

The act of avoiding responsibility and not resolving an issue is a common tactic utilized in gaslighting situations.

The recent violence in Chicago is a direct consequence of the Democratic Party’s and mayor Lightfoot’s “soft on crime” policies. 

Brandon Johnson’s statement that people should not be subject to “state-sponsored policing” is a perfect example of this mentality. It is this kind of thinking that has allowed lawlessness to become normalized in Democrat-controlled cities. As a result, we are seeing hundreds of teenagers smashing car windows, destroying public and private property, and engaging in random shootings.

This kind of behavior is not unique to Chicago. Other cities, such as Baltimore and Austin, Texas, have also experienced similar incidents.

This was the scene in Baltimore just last week.

The defunding of police by Democrat politicians has allowed criminals to run rampant, leaving ordinary citizens vulnerable to these attacks. Major retailers have fled the area as a result, and law-abiding citizens have been left to fend for themselves and instead of protesting politicians they’re protesting Walmart.

It’s utterly revolting that local activists would hold a rally to protest Walmart’s decision to close its stores. The ultimate blame for this situation does not lie with businesses like Walmart for their lack of investment in communities that don’t support them. Rather, what is needed is solid policing and consequences, not reparations and social workers as a solution. Allowing criminals to wreak havoc on our cities is not the answer.

In order to bring about positive change, we must invest in our neighborhoods and promote law and order. This means actually enforcing the laws on the lawless and taking preventative measures to stop chaos and destruction before it occurs. If we do not act now, our cities will continue to spiral out of control, and innocent people will continue to suffer.

The recent chaos and destruction in Democrat-controlled cities is a wake-up call for all Americans. We must stand up and demand that our politicians put the safety of law-abiding citizens first. This means promoting law and order, investing in our neighborhoods, and holding criminals accountable for their actions. We cannot allow our cities to be overrun by lawlessness and anarchy. The time to act is now, before it is too late.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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