America Holds Its Breath: Biden’s Big Announcement Sparks Speculation and Dread!

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Joe Biden has just announced his intention to run for re-election in 2024, but the truth is that Joe Biden is not just another politician. He is part of an elitist group of Washington insiders who will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on power. With Biden’s Justice Department and local Soros DAs using the law as a weapon against his political opponents, it’s clear that the stakes have never been higher. Meanwhile, they are already targeting Trump with baseless charges in a twisted attempt to silence him before 2024. Read on to find out why Biden’s 2024 re-election bid shouldn’t just scare you – it should terrify you.

Brace yourself for more of the same! President Biden and his team are all set to announce his re-election bid for 2024, in a shocking announcement that would put him in the record books as the oldest president to run for re-election. The campaign is set to begin with a grand video launch, as the Biden machinery gears up to cement its grip on power. But is it really surprising that a career politician who has spent the majority of his life in government wants to hold onto power for as long as possible? 

As Biden prepares to launch his campaign, millions of Americans are grappling with unrest, job loss, and economic uncertainty. The climate-change agenda and social-justice endeavors that Biden and his party have fronted have done little to ease their pain. The Biden administration’s obsession with identity politics has left ordinary Americans disillusioned and disenchanted. And now, with a video launch for his campaign, the Biden team is gearing up for another four years of the same.

What is truly alarming, however, is the way in which Biden’s administration is using the law as a tool of oppression, targeting his political opponents and paving the way for an inevitable authoritarian takeover. From Soros-backed DAs to special counsel investigations, the Biden machine is pulling out all the stops to ensure their grip on power remains intact.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden’s mental faculties have been in question for some time now. At 80 years old, and with rumors of him suffering from dementia, it’s fair to wonder if he is fit to run the country for another four years, let alone try for a second term in his mid-80s. But even if Biden were healthy and sane, the prospect of him being re-elected should still send shivers down the spine of anyone who values freedom and democracy.

The fact is that Biden’s administration is already using the legal system to target his political opponents, in a disturbing echo of the Soviet days when laws were used to crush political dissent. The Soros-funded DAs are the foot soldiers in this campaign, going after anyone who stands in the way of Biden’s agenda. They have been instrumental in the indictment of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts, despite there being no credible evidence against him, as well as the ongoing legal harassment of his allies and supporters.

Meanwhile, a Georgia prosecutor is allegedly considering charging Trump with the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act and conspiracy, despite the fact that these charges are based on flimsy evidence and clearly intended to be politically motivated. Special Counsel Jack Smith is also gearing up to charge Trump with ‘obstruction’, despite there being no crime or wrongdoing to obstruct. This is a clear attempt to use the law to silence political opposition, and it should worry everyone who cares about democracy.

President Biden’s bid for re-election in 2024 is part of a worrying trend of Washington insiders clinging to power at all costs. With a grand video launch planned, it’s clear that the Biden machine is pulling out all the stops to cement its grip on power. But the reality is that America deserves better than another four years of the same. Joe Biden may seem like a harmless old man, but the reality is that his administration represents a grave threat to our democracy. The use of the law as a weapon against political opponents is a tactic straight out of the authoritarian playbook, and it’s clear that Biden and his team are more concerned with consolidating power than upholding the rule of law. Whether or not he has dementia is almost beside the point – the real issue is that he is presiding over a government that is putting the interests of the elite above those of the people. If Biden is re-elected in 2024, we can expect to see more of the same – and that is a truly frightening prospect.

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