Biden’s Latest Blunder: President can’t Spell “Eight” Proves He’s Not As Smart As He Thinks He Is

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President Biden’s latest economic speech has become the subject of ridicule and criticism after he misspelled the word “eight” and made false claims about his father’s education in an apparent attempt to connect with blue-collar workers. His divisive rhetoric aimed at Republicans and Trump supporters alike has left many wondering if he is fit to lead the nation. Read on to discover the shocking details of Biden’s latest blunder.

When President Biden stepped up to the podium in suburban Maryland to deliver a speech on economic issues, he likely didn’t expect to end up making headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, his odd behavior and questionable statements throughout the speech have sparked a firestorm of controversy and criticism. From misspelling the word “eight” to fabricating information about his father’s education, Biden’s latest speech has left many wondering if he is fit to lead the nation.

During the speech, Biden drew attention when he misspelled the word “eight,” saying “E-I-G-H percent” instead.

This embarrassing mistake immediately went viral, causing many to question whether Biden is losing his mental sharpness in his old age. The error was reminiscent of former Vice President Dan Quayle’s infamous misspelling of “potatoe” during a spelling bee in 1992.

Biden went on to discuss proposed budget cuts by House Republicans, criticizing their efforts to raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion in what he called an “apparent opening offer.” He also took aim at Republicans allied with former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again movement, accusing them of having political bias and proposing cuts to the FBI’s budget as a result.

Perhaps the most controversial moment of the speech, however, came when Biden attempted to connect with blue-collar workers by discussing his father’s lack of education. He claimed that his father “never went to college” and was a “decent, honorable man who busted his neck.” However, a 2020 article by the York (Pennsylvania) Daily Record reveals that Biden Sr. actually attended Johns Hopkins University for one year, contradicting the president’s claims.

The White House has not yet provided clarification on the issue, leaving many to speculate that Biden may have intentionally fabricated the story to win over skeptical voters. Regardless of the truth behind his father’s education, the incident has raised serious questions about Biden’s honesty and integrity.

President Biden’s latest speech has brought his leadership abilities under intense scrutiny. From his embarrassing spelling mistake to his questionable claims about his father’s education, it is clear that he is no stranger to controversy. His divisive rhetoric aimed at Republicans and Trump supporters alike has also left many wondering if he is truly capable of leading a divided nation. As the 2022 midterm elections loom, it remains to be seen whether Biden can regain the trust of the American people or if his latest blunder will be the final nail in his political coffin.

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