Second Government Funded News Outlet Properly Label & All Hell Breaks Loose

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Twitter takes their new labeling feature to the next level and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC is not pleased with the outcome.They’re the second outlet on the same continent in recent weeks that has been heavily criticized by Twitter however they don’t seem to find it so amusing when the joke’s on them.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the National Public Radio (NPR) have now both announced they will be quitting Twitter after being labeled “government-funded media” by the social media site. According to corporate spokespersons, this move comes as Twitter’s “false” accusations have undermined the accuracy and professionalism of their work.

After Twitter labeled the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “government-funded media,” the broadcaster has ceased its Twitter activity for the time being.

It comes after the U.S.-based National Public Radio formally resigned from the site last week.

According to Leon Mar, a spokesperson for the company, “Twitter can be a powerful tool for our journalists to communicate with Canadians, but it undermines the accuracy and professionalism of the work they do to allow our independence to be falsely described in this way.”

In addition, the statement said, “Consequently, we will be pausing our activity on our corporate Twitter account and all CBC and Radio-Canada news-related accounts

CBC’s editor in chief Brodie Fenlon defended the decision, citing CBC’s “impartial” and “independent” journalism.  

He continued, “It is important to take a moment to assess what Twitter has done. That is why we have pressed pause today on our accounts. Our journalistic independence is the cornerstone of who we are as a public broadcaster. Suggesting otherwise is inaccurate and untrue.”

In responding to CBC’s objections, Musk poked fun. Tweeting, “Canadian Broadcasting Corp said they’re “less than 70% government-funded”, so we corrected the label.”

According to Twitter, “government-funded media is defined as outlets where the government provides some or all of the outlet’s funding and may have varying degrees of government involvement over editorial content.” 

Prime minister Justin Trudeau had some indirect words on the matter, after the VP of communications for a Canadian Liberal Activist group tweeted, “PM JustinTrudeau calls out PierrePoilievre for running to US billionaire ElonMusk to attack Canadian independent media CBCNews.”

The decision for both the CBC and NPR to leave twitter after being factually labeled says everything people who are paying attention need to know. If you are indeed those independent outlets fight the criticism and prove to us you aren’t. Unfortunately, they can not because it’s true that they are the majority government funded or influenced. Enough said.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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