CNN Attempts Big Hail Mary to Save Ratings & Hires To Popular Faces

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Just how desperate is CNN for views you ask? Well, it’s official, CNN is pulling a Joe Biden amid plummeting ratings. So what does the struggling network do? Creating a new show for two popular celebrities hoping to dig them out of the hole they’re in.

CNN’s latest attempt to attract viewers is the prime-time show “King Charles,” starring TV personalities Gayle King and Charles Barkley. The show debuts in the fall and promises to bring “culturally relevant programming and unique perspectives” to the network’s audience.

And it’s not working. As ratings continue to drop, the network is scrambling to save itself from irrelevancy. The decision to hire two liberal personalities is, in fact, a confirmation of their continued liberal bias.

Last month Charles Barkley was interviewed by street journalist Adam Glyn about potentially joining CNN, this is what he had to say.

But here’s the real kicker: Barkley and King have made their political leanings clear in the past. Barkley, in particular, has made his disdain for Republican policies and conservative ideals known. So why should viewers believe that their show won’t have a liberal slant?

According to Licht, King will continue to anchor CBS Mornings, and Barkley will continue working at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports.

While discussing the new show with TNT, King said she wasn’t seeking a second job but was ecstatic to work with Barkley.

The ratings for cable news are down across the board compared with 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine was fresh in the minds of Americans. There has been a dramatic decline in CNN’s prime-time audience in March – 61%.

It has been a year since CNN was taken over by Warner Bros. Discovery, which hired ex-CBS producer Licht to run the network.

“CNN This Morning” under Licht suffered bad publicity last fall after Lemon’s ill-advised remarks about a woman’s “prime” years offended many.

The potential CNN’s “King Charles” show will just be another prime example of the network’s declining standards. Rather than focusing on delivering real news, the network seems more concerned with catering to a shrinking audience. It’s no wonder that viewers are turning to alternative news sources in droves. If CNN doesn’t start to value balanced reporting, it’ll continue to lose viewership and further isolate itself from the truth.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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