Big Margin! Trump Dominates DeSantis in New Poll

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In the latest Republican primary poll, Donald Trump’s lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reached a new record high. According to a recent survey released by Morning Consult, Trump leads DeSantis with a staggering 58 percent to 21 percent. This enormous gap is the widest it has been since polling began in December. The poll also revealed that DeSantis is the second choice of 47 percent of Trump supporters, while Trump is the second choice of 42 percent of DeSantis supporters. Trump’s favorability rating among GOP primary voters is at a whopping 81 percent, while DeSantis sits at 73 percent. With such a large margin between him and DeSantis, Trump’s dominance in the race for the 2024 Republican nomination seems almost certain. Could this be the end of the road for the rising star DeSantis?

In a new poll released by Morning Consult, Donald Trump’s lead over Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has reached its highest point yet. The survey found that Trump leads the potential Republican primary voters with 58 percent of the vote, while DeSantis trails behind with just 21 percent. The gap between Trump and DeSantis is the widest it has been since Morning Consult began polling on the GOP primary in December. The survey also revealed that DeSantis is the second choice of 47 percent of Trump supporters, while Trump is the second choice of 42 percent of DeSantis supporters. Trump’s favorability rating with Republican primary voters is at an astonishing 81 percent, while DeSantis sits at 73 percent. With such a dominant position in the polls, Trump seems to have a firm grip on the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential race. Despite his growing popularity, DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy, but it is widely believed that he will challenge Trump for the nomination. This poll may be a wake-up call for DeSantis as other candidates, such as former Vice-President Mike Pence and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, enter the race for the GOP nomination.

Trump’s astounding lead over DeSantis has certainly caught people’s attention. After all, DeSantis was seen as a rising star in the Republican Party and his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida has drawn praise from conservatives. However, the poll revealed that Trump is still the face of the GOP and his supporters are as loyal as ever. According to Morning Consult, Trump’s support has remained solid among GOP primary voters, with 81 percent of them having a favorable view of him. This is unsurprising given that Trump is known for his fierce loyalty among supporters, who admire his brash and unapologetic style.

Moreover, the poll data showed that DeSantis’ popularity did not seem to translate into significant support among Trump’s base. While DeSantis is the second choice for almost half of Trump’s supporters, there is a significant gap between his support and that of Trump’s own vice-president, Mike Pence. Pence, who was once considered a possible successor to Trump, received just 7 percent of the vote in the same poll.

Another recent poll shows Trump is wayy ahead of Desantis.

The survey has significant implications for the upcoming 2024 presidential race. Trump has already announced his intention to run, and while DeSantis has not made a formal announcement, he is seen as a likely contender. The two have some similarities in their political beliefs, with both having taken a hardline stance against illegal immigration and the mainstream media. However, they differ in terms of experience, with Trump having already served as president for four years and DeSantis only having been governor of Florida for a few years.

It remains to be seen whether DeSantis will be able to close the gap between himself and Trump before the primaries. The poll suggests that he has a lot of work to do if he wants to overcome Trump’s commanding lead. The situation is reminiscent of the 2016 Republican primary, when Trump dominated the field despite being a political outsider and facing a field of more experienced candidates.

However Desantis had this to say about Trump’s polling numbers.

Republicans are no doubt closely watching the polls as they consider who they will support in 2024. With a significant number of potential candidates in the field, the race is likely to be even more contentious than in 2016. And while Trump’s popularity among his base remains strong, he will need to appeal to a wider group of voters if he hopes to win the general election.

Furthermore, Trump’s continued dominance in the polls is bound to create headaches for other potential candidates who are considering running. Some of these candidates, such as Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, are known for their moderate views and may struggle to gain traction among the party’s more conservative base.

Even Mike Pence, who was once seen as a potential successor to Trump, may struggle to gain support if Trump continues to dominate the polls. While Pence has a loyal following among religious conservatives, he is seen by some as being too moderate on other issues.

It is clear that the Republican Party is still very much in flux, with new leaders emerging and old ones being challenged. However, it is also clear that Trump remains a force to be reckoned with, and that his influence is likely to shape the party’s future for years to come.

It is clear that Donald Trump’s grasp on the Republican Party is as strong as ever, despite being out of office for several months. The recent poll by Morning Consult shows that he remains the clear front-runner in the race for the 2024 Republican nomination, and his lead over Ron DeSantis is now at a historic high. This spells trouble for other potential Republican candidates, who now face the daunting task of trying to overcome Trump’s popularity with the party’s base. The situation is further complicated by Trump’s announcement to run for President again in 2024.

It seems that Trump’s loyal supporters are here to stay, as evidenced by his favorability ratings among GOP primary voters. By continuing to dominate the polls, he is sending a clear message to other potential candidates: the Republican Party is still very much Trump’s party. Republicans will have to grapple with this reality in the coming months and years as they try to define their party and move forward.

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