Democrats Prioritize Politics Over Biden’s Deteriorating Health

While Democrats may try to brush off concerns about Joe Biden's age and mental acuity, poll after poll show that a significant portion of the party is starting to have doubts.
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As President Joe Biden gears up for his reelection bid, his fellow Democrats are trying their best to deflect concerns about his age and mental acuity. However, recent polls have shown a significant portion of the Democratic Party have doubts about Biden running again, with his age being a significant factor. Despite this, Democrat Senator Chris Coons remains steadfast in his defense of the 80-year-old president. During a recent interview with ABC News, Coons even went as far as to extol the virtues of Biden’s age, claiming that his experience and wisdom make him imminently qualified to run for another term.

Coons, who is also the co-chair of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, recently defended the president against concerns regarding his age. Coons faced questions from ABC News’ Martha Raddatz about a recent NBC poll which reported that over half of Democrats polled believe Biden should not run for another term, citing his age as a key factor. These concerns have also been raised in other polls, including from the Associated Press and The New York Times.

However, Coons dismissed such concerns and instead urged viewers to appreciate Biden’s age. He referenced the recent White House Correspondents Dinner and highlighted Biden’s agility, delivery, and speed on his feet. Coons insisted that Biden’s track record of leadership, both domestically and abroad, makes him highly qualified for the job of president, and his experience and wisdom should be valued as well.

But Raddatz pressed Coons further, acknowledging his point about the president’s State of the Union address but raising concerns about his occasional stumbles and ramblings. However, Coons remained steadfast in his support for Biden and urged viewers to consider the alternative to the president, namely former President Donald Trump. Coons insisted that Biden is fit, capable, and more aligned with where America wants to go than his potential Republican opponents.

While Democrats may try to brush off concerns about Joe Biden’s age and mental acuity, poll after poll show that a significant portion of the party is starting to have doubts. Despite this, Senator Coons and others continue to insist that Biden is fit, capable, and ready to serve another term. Despite their adamant defense of President Biden’s age and capabilities, it is clear that his age is a cause for concern for many Democrats. This concern is not unfounded, as Biden has shown numerous instances of forgetfulness and incoherent speech. Moreover, his policies have been disastrous for a majority of good, hard working Americans. It is unfortunate that Coons and other Democrats are willing to overlook these issues in their quest for power. As the 2024 election approaches, voters should carefully consider whether they want to continue down this path and vote for more of the same failed policies or demand a change in direction.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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