You ARE the Deadbeat Family! Hunter’s Child Support Trial PLAGUES the White House

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The ongoing child support trial of Hunter Biden, the President’s son, has sparked curiosity and speculation among Americans. Despite the Bidens’ public image of inclusivity and family values, their silence on the matter has raised eyebrows. The White House has refused to comment on the trial, further fueling skepticism. Hunter’s legal battle with Lunden Roberts – with whom he shares the child with – has highlighted his controversial financial dealings and lavish lifestyle. The judge’s recent comments regarding the concealment of financial details and potential subpoenas have only added to the drama surrounding this case. 

During Tuesday’s White House briefing, Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) had no comment on the ongoing trial in Arkansas surrounding Hunter Biden and his child support payments. Despite repeated inquiries into why the Bidens have not acknowledged the child, KJP refused to answer any questions.

When asked if the President and First Lady were keeping an eye on the proceedings, KJP simply replied, “I’m not going to speak to that from here.”

Hunter has been locked in a legal battle with Lunden Roberts over child support payments for their daughter. During a hearing in an Arkansas court, Hunter’s lawyers claimed that he could no longer afford to pay $20,000 each month and is facing financial difficulties. His lawyers argued that he is financially strapped and has no salary, citing that he had his Porsche repossessed and was forced to sleep on a cot in his father’s room during a recent presidential trip to Dublin.

However, Roberts’ attorney countered that Hunter is living an extravagant lifestyle and has refused to provide full financial records, specifically when it comes to his art sales. The judge chastised Hunter’s legal team for hiding financial details and ordered them to resubmit, all while indicating that a subpoena may be necessary to compel the gallery to reveal the identities of buyers and artwork prices. The judge also ordered both sides to attend all future court hearings and expressed her desire to resolve the case expeditiously.

On Monday night, Fox News commentator Jesse Watters criticized Hunter and his request for a reduction in child support payments for his four-year-old daughter. Watters highlighted Hunter’s lack of transparency regarding his finances and art sales, along with his earnings from business dealings in China, Ukraine, and Russia.

It should also be mentioned that the ongoing child support trial involving Hunter Biden highlights the glaring double standards in the mainstream media. If a Republican or a conservative had been in Hunter Biden’s shoes, the media would have been all over the story, casting them in a negative light. However, when it comes to Hunter Biden, the media has chosen to ignore the story, failing to hold him accountable for his actions. Meanwhile, the Bidens’ silence on the matter is deafening, especially given their calls for accountability and transparency during the Trump administration.

It is high time that the mainstream media start doing their job and hold the Bidens accountable for their actions and deplorable conduct. The American people deserve the truth, not a biased narrative controlled by those on the other side of the aisle and their accomplices. It is simply unacceptable that Hunter Biden has been evading his financial responsibilities towards his daughter and his ongoing attempts to conceal information from the court is alarming. It is time for Hunter Biden to be held accountable for his actions and provide the necessary support for his child.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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