Law Enforcement Overwhelmed as ‘Sanctuary City’ Chicago Struggles with Influx of Migrants

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Chicago police stations have recently transformed into homeless shelters for released migrants who have made their way to the city due to the overwhelming influx of people at the U.S.-Mexico border. With pictures circulating on social media showing the lobbies of these stations filled with people sleeping on the ground, tensions are rising as police officers link the lack of space to the growing number of people who are successfully making it across the border and into the US. Despite Democrat sympathy for the plight of these migrants, the lack of a long-term solution to their housing and medical needs remains a concern for many.

Chicago police stations are now being repurposed into homeless shelters for processed and released illegal immigrants due to the overwhelming influx of border crossers. Pictures on social media showcase police station lobbies filled with so-called migrants, sleeping on cots or the hard floor. 

These shocking images highlight the dire situation.

On Twitter, a Chicago Police Scanner page wrote, “It’s easy to declare sanctuary status but much harder to actually be a sanctuary.”

Fox News correspondent, Matt Finn, has released information that police officers are sympathizing with illegal immigrants, but having them reside in police stations is not a long-term solution. With the increasing number of migrants entering Chicago, law enforcement officials are overwhelmed and struggling.

Finn added, “Police sources say the migrants are often ‘sick’ and ‘vomiting.’ One ranking police source tells Fox “I walk past human feces on the way in” to work.”

Meanwhile, outgoing Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has requested Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott to stop bussing migrants to the Windy City. Despite such urgent pleas, Governor Abbott responded that the only solution to this increasingly severe problem is for the President of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, to reverse his catastrophic open border policy, which has led to this situation.

The influx of illegal immigrants is a direct result of President Biden’s decision to revoke the stringent immigration policies implemented by the former administration. 

The hospitality of sanctuary cities like Chicago has further fueled the crisis, attracting more illegal immigrants to the area. This has created even more of a drain on the already exhausted resources of the police and other critical services.

The situation in Chicago is just one example of the disastrous consequences of President Biden’s open border policies. While the mainstream media tries to paint a picture of compassion towards migrants, the reality is that this humanitarian crisis is putting a tremendous strain on local communities and law enforcement agencies. As proven by Mayor Lightfoot’s letter to Governor Abbott, Democrats are starting to realize that they cannot handle the influx of migrants on their own. It’s time for President Biden and his administration to take responsibility for their actions and address this crisis in a meaningful way before more American cities are forced to turn their police stations into makeshift homeless shelters.

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Next News Network Team

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