BORDER CRISIS LOOMS: Title 42 Expires in DAYS – Will America be Ready?

Title 42 has been used 2.7 million times, including 1.5 million times in just the past 18 months, since its initial order was issued in 2020.
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As the Biden administration prepares for the end of Title 42, concerns have been raised about a massive surge of migrants flooding the southern border. However, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has downplayed these fears. With the looming possibility of a surge of undocumented immigrants crossing over to the US, the administration has decided to deploy active-duty troops, however, experts warn that this measure may only be the beginning of a series of futile attempts to restrict the influx of people through the southern border.

The United States is bracing itself for an impending border surge as the highly controversial Title 42 policy is set to expire. It has been over a year and a half since preparations began, with top officials trying to mitigate the damage that could result from this lax immigration policy. Despite the so-called grand preparations, there is widespread concern that the Biden administration is not doing enough to secure the border.

The Title 42 policy was enacted during the Trump administration to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. It permits border agents to expel migrants without giving them a chance for an asylum hearing. The policy was originally set to expire on May 23, 2022, but this deadline was later pushed to May 11, 2023.

The policy has been used 2.7 million times, including 1.5 million times in just the past 18 months, since its initial order was issued in 2020.

Many fear that a border surge will ensue after the expiry of the Title 42 policy. It is widely assumed that migrants will flood the border, thinking that they can enter the country and remain undetected. The lack of border security would result in a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the country, putting a significant strain on an already overburdened system.

However, Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayoras is downplaying the situation.

The Biden administration has come under fire for not doing enough to secure the U.S.-Mexico border. To address the situation, it has announced that it will deploy 1,500 active-duty troops near the El Paso region to mitigate the impact of a potential surge. This move has been met with mixed reactions, with many seeing it as too little, too late.

The border situation remains a highly contentious issue, with both sides of the political spectrum offering different views on how best to handle it. While the Biden administration has taken some steps to try to deter migrants from making the trip to our borders, many conservatives believe that much more needs to be done to actually secure the border and ensure the safety of American citizens.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn believes that Title 42 needs to be extended again in order for more concrete steps to take place in securing the border and protecting Americans:

It’s time for the Biden administration to take a hard-line stance and be firm in enforcing immigration laws to prevent the crisis from becoming absolutely out of control. The current administration’s lax approach to border control has only made the situation worse, ultimately leading to increased crime and security threats. The deployment of active-duty troops and the slow expiration of Title 42 may do little to discourage an influx of border crossers. A more robust and proactive plan that prioritizes the safety and security of both migrants and US citizens is needed to tackle the issue at hand.

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