SHOCKING Drone Footage Reveals Unprecedented Border Crisis as Biden Fails America!

The surge of illegal immigrants has placed an intolerable burden on resources, leaving many communities in Texas struggling to manage the influx of newcomers.
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The crisis at the southern border of the United States has reached a new level, with the situation becoming incredibly dire. Stunning drone footage has shown a huge wave of illegal immigrants waiting in line after crossing into Texas, and the end of Title 42 is looming large. The surge of illegal immigration has put a significant strain on resources, with the Biden administration’s efforts to address the situation being insufficient thus far. Communities across Texas are struggling to cope with the influx of new arrivals, and Governor Greg Abbott has has no choice but take matters into his own hands.

The crisis at the Southern border has reached a boiling point, with staggering drone footage revealing throngs of illegal immigrants amassed in Texas as the end of Title 42 looms. Videos captured earlier this week depict hundreds of individuals standing in line, waiting to cross the border illegally.

The situation has grown so dire that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has authorized the deployment of National Guard troops to help address the crisis, but the Biden administration’s promises to tackle the issue have been woefully inadequate.

The surge of illegal immigrants has placed an intolerable burden on resources, leaving many communities in Texas struggling to manage the influx of newcomers. Fox’s Bill Melugin released more footage showing the line of crossers on Monday, exposing the magnitude of the problem.

Under the Biden leadership, the situation at the border has escalated to record levels, and the administration appears unable to manage the issue. From 2016 to 2020, the average annual number of illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border was approximately 479,005. However, the years 2021 and 2022 have seen an astronomical increase to an average of 1,938,409.

It is clear that Joe Biden’s administration’s actions and inactions have contributed to this crisis, which shows no sign of slowing down. Consequently, last Tuesday, Biden announced that 1,500 US troops will be deployed to the southern border to relieve law enforcement and Border Patrol personnel.

Moreover, Texas will be mobilizing up to 10,000 National Guard members and 1,200 troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety to help remedy the situation. It is imperative that the federal and state government work together to implement a decisive solution that can offer relief to the overwhelmed national and local resources. However the answer is not to process more migrants in a short amount of time or try to deter them from coming. The border must be physically secured.

The deployment of National Guard troops and Texas troopers may offer some short-term relief, but it is time for a long-term solution that addresses the root causes of the problem.

It is clear that the situation at our southern border is a burgeoning crisis that requires immediate action. The record numbers of illegal crossings have overwhelmed border patrol resources, leaving communities in Texas and across the nation struggling to respond. The deployment of National Guard troops and the mobilization of state resources are steps in the right direction, but more must be done to actually secure the border instead of processing more migrants in a shorter amount of time. The Biden administration must take responsibility for the surge of illegal immigration and act decisively to stem the tide of those crossing the border illegally. The United States is a nation of laws and the rule of law must be upheld.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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