The dark allure of liberal policies continues: AGs push for Increased Regulations on Fossil Item

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Are you ready for the Democrats to come after your kitchen? That’s right, the latest target in their war on traditional values is your trusty kitchen. With 11 Democratic attorneys general calling for nationwide regulation on what was once reported as a conspiracy theory but we all knew it was not. Now the Biden administration has been put under more pressure to deliver. Will they?

As a new step against gas stoves, eleven Democratic attorneys general are asking the federal government to regulate them, contrary to media claims that conservatives are exaggerating the bans. 

” Gas stove emissions pose serious risks to health, especially to people from sensitive groups and low-income communities,” according to the letter led by Washington, D.C., attorney general Brian Schwalb. 

For consumers to be more aware of “health risks” associated with gas stoves, attorneys general urged the Consumer Product Safety Commission to “develop uniform” standards. According to them, awareness standards are “inadequate” and the commission should also pursue “mandatory performance standards” that govern appliance operation. 

The letter follows reports in January that the Biden administration was pursuing gas stove regulations. Conservatives who expressed concern about the reports were mocked largely by the media. There was a headline once that read, “How Gas Stoves Became the Latest Culture War Right-Wing Cause.”

A new rule was released in March by the administration, banning the sale of half of all gas stoves in the country. Late April, a federal appeals court struck down a California city’s natural gas ban, prompting liberals to call for federal intervention. 

On May 2, the New York legislature banned gas stoves from new buildings. Kathy Hochul of the Democratic Party defended the measure, saying, “Transition is necessary.”

The Democratic Party’s mission to ban gas stoves is yet another example of their radical agenda to exert control over the lives of ordinary Americans. Their efforts are misguided, not only denying freedom of choice but also putting low-income and vulnerable communities, which they claim to work for, at risk. The move towards regulation of gas stoves is out of step with the needs of millions of families and the requirements of natural disaster-prone regions. It is vital that we continue to fight back against these harmful regulations that will only hurt American families.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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