Chaos by Design: Hawley Unmasks the ‘Collapse Strategy’ The Biden Immigration Strategy

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In a shocking revelation, Senator Josh Hawley charges the Biden administration with a covert operation to collapse our immigration system. He paints a grim picture of a planned border crisis, drug trafficking escalation, and the sinister role globalist agendas play in this orchestrated chaos.

Senator Josh Hawley has dropped a bombshell. In a recent interview, he voiced the bold assertion that the Biden administration is intentionally orchestrating a chaotic situation at the border. “They want the chaos,” Hawley stated unequivocally, suggesting a deliberate strategy to disrupt our immigration system.

The Senator’s theory posits that this chaos is part of a larger plan to collapse not just the immigration system, but the courts and asylum process too. If his theory holds, we’re witnessing a perilous game where the border is being overrun to achieve specific political objectives.

Hawley’s warning grows more alarming as he explores the implications of this orchestrated chaos. The Senator suggests that the Biden administration’s actions could fuel an already grave fentanyl crisis, potentially turning it up to full throttle.

Moreover, he anticipates an unprecedented spike in crime and danger to American families and communities. “The drugs that will come across this border, the crime that will come across this border, the danger to our families and our communities, it’s going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in terms of border crossings in our country’s history,” he cautioned.

Hawley’s foreboding claims come at a time when the border situation is already critical. His concern about the lifting of Title 42 – a public health provision used to expel migrants during the pandemic – only adds to the gravity of the situation.

Yet, Hawley’s allegations go beyond a simple critique of policy missteps. He suggests that this orchestrated chaos is not an unintended consequence, but a calculated decision influenced by powerful globalist interests.

The Senator argues that the Democrat Party’s elite, who hobnob in international circles and jet off to conferences in Davos, are the real puppet masters here. According to him, they’re working to drive down labor costs and wages for blue-collar workers in America to benefit multinational corporations.

Such allegations, if proven true, would represent a significant betrayal of the working class, traditionally a key demographic for the Democratic Party. As Hawley asserts, “They want to do the bidding of the global multinationals. That’s who runs the Democrat Party today.”

Worryingly, the situation at the border is already alarming. With record-breaking illegal crossings and recent arrests of individuals on the terrorism watchlist, it’s clear that the situation is escalating.

The question that remains: is this chaos truly orchestrated, as Hawley suggests, and if so, to what end?

Senator Hawley’s stern warning paints a disturbing picture: a border crisis by design, a surge in drug-related deaths, an immigration system on the brink of collapse. If Hawley’s allegations hold any truth, we’re witnessing a dangerous game played by the Biden administration. A game that threatens the safety, security, and economic stability of the American people. As this story unfolds, the pursuit of truth remains paramount. Only through diligent inquiry can we uncover whether these are mere policy failures or a more sinister plot unfolding before our very eyes.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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