UNREAL! National Guard Member Deployed by Biden BETRAYS America by Aiding Illegal Crossings

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As the Biden administration continues to downplay the crisis at the southern border, shocking new footage has emerged showing a U.S. National Guard soldier unlocking a barrier gate to allow a group of migrants to enter the United States. The soldier, who is not a member of the Texas National Guard deployed by Governor Greg Abbott, has been identified as one of the reinforcement troops deployed by the Biden administration to assist Border Patrol agents. The alarming footage is a reminder that the border crisis is far from over and that President Biden’s policies are only making it worse.

The Biden administration’s disastrous immigration policies continue to wreak havoc on the southern border, as a video has emerged showing a U.S. National Guard soldier aiding in the illegal entry of a large group of migrants. The soldier, who is not a member of the Texas National Guard deployed by Governor Greg Abbott, was captured unlocking a barrier gate to allow the migrants to enter the country.

The video, tweeted by Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin, shows a female soldier opening a gate in the border fence near Eagle Pass, Texas. The footage is dated May 15, shortly after the end of the CDC Title-42 migrant expulsion protocol. The soldier can be seen stepping back as the gate swings open and a large group of migrants enter the country illegally.

What’s even more troubling is that the soldier in question is not even from Texas. According to Texas National Guard officials, she is a Missouri National Guard member deployed to assist Border Patrol agents by the Biden administration. This means that the Biden administration, which has already made it clear that it has no interest in securing the border, is now actively undermining the efforts of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to do so.

One day after the video went viral, Bill Melugin tweeted that the Texas Department of Public Safety “is blocking the gate today as Gov. Abbott continues his much stricter effort to have TX soldiers and troopers physically block and repel illegal crossings.”

He added, “Very different approach between TX & federal.”

Meanwhile, the migrants in the video who are seen lining up to be processed by Border Patrol agents, will likely be released into the United States, further exacerbating the already dire situation at the southern border. This is unacceptable and further proof that the Biden administration has no regard for the rule of law or the safety and security of American citizens.

With the continuing surge of illegal immigration at the southern border, it is clear that the Biden administration is completely unprepared to deal with this crisis. It is imperative that the administration takes immediate action to secure the border and protect American citizens from the dangers posed by illegal immigration. Anything less is a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of the American people.

The video of the National Guard soldier opening a barrier gate for a group of migrants is a stark reminder of the dire situation at the southern border. The Biden administration’s lack of action and failed policies have only fueled the crisis, and this video provides further evidence that our borders are not secure. It’s time for President Biden to take this crisis seriously and take decisive action to protect our nation’s borders and the safety and security of the American people. The southern border is not just a crisis for Texas or Arizona, but a national security crisis that demands immediate attention and action.

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