Biased Media Exposed: The Messenger Poll Reveals The Truth!

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The age-old debate surrounding media bias has finally been put to the test, and the results are nothing short of eye-opening. A recent poll has revealed a stark divide between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to their perception of media coverage in America. It’s no secret that the media has become increasingly polarizing in recent years, but this poll exposes just how pronounced the bias has become.

The recent Harris Poll conducted by The Messenger, in collaboration with HarrisX, confirms what many Americans suspect – journalists prioritize advocacy over unbiased reporting. Shockingly, 77 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Democrats agree that journalists mainly practice advocacy. This consensus reflects a growing distrust in media sources and their portrayal of political events.

Over 80 percent of voters are calling for a new news medium dedicated to providing even-handed treatment of issues without political bias. This strong desire for unbiased reporting showcases the hunger for new sources of information.

However, the poll reveals a perception gap between Democrats and Republicans regarding media bias. While a majority of Democrats (55 percent) believe coverage of their party is fair, only 19 percent perceive media bias against them. In contrast, Republicans take a different view, with only 19 percent believing coverage of their party is fair and a staggering 69 percent perceiving bias against Republicans.

Interestingly, 62 percent of Americans agree that Trump should be treated like any other politician. They reject the notion that “anything goes” when it comes to criticizing him. Moreover, 61 percent believe he should be allowed on news media, highlighting the inconsistency of those who claim to value democracy but restrict Trump’s presence.

The poll also sheds light on Americans’ reliance on different news sources. Fox News emerges as the primary source for 25 percent of voters, followed by CNN and ABC at 14 percent each. However, trustworthiness remains a contentious issue, as 30 percent of Republicans consider Fox News “very trustworthy,” while the same percentage of Democrats view it as “very untrustworthy.”

Forty-five percent of Republicans rely on Fox News as a principal source of TV news, while Democrats are more divided among multiple sources, with CNN (23 percent) and ABC (17 percent) leading the pack.

The Harris Poll conducted by The Messenger provides a startling look at Americans’ thoughts on the media landscape. It’s clear voters want objective news coverage, free from partisan bias. We would say, “It’s time for the media to listen and deliver what Americans want or else” however you’re watching this, you’re one of the many who have grown frustrated with their bias. With that we say, It’s time we retire legacy media and bring the news back to the people.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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