Weapon-Wielding Professor: NYC College Fires Adjunct After Violent Outburst

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The attack was shocking enough, but what happened next will leave you horrified. Shellyne Rodriguez, a college professor in Manhattan, has been fired after going on a violent rampage that targeted pro-life students and even a reporter investigating her behavior. The footage shows her verbally assaulting the pro-life students before escalating to vandalizing their display. But that was just the beginning. She later held a machete to a reporter’s throat and made wild threats to “chop” him up. Her behavior was unhinged and unacceptable, and it raises serious concerns about the safety of students and journalists in academic settings.

Shellyne Rodriguez, a former adjunct professor at Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts in New York City, has been fired after videos surfaced of her attacking pro-life students at Hunter College and later threatening to chop up a reporter with a machete.

The footage shows Rodriguez verbally assaulting the pro-life students and destroying their display. Her rant was profanity-laced and deeply unsettling. 

What makes the incident particularly concerning is that Rodriguez is a professor at the college. As a professor, she holds a position of power and authority, and is expected to be impartial and respectful of all views, including those that may differ from her own. Students should be able to express their beliefs openly and without fear of retribution, but instead, they were met with anger and violence.

The incident has raised serious concerns about academic freedom and impartiality in the classroom. As educators, professors have a responsibility to respect all views, regardless of their personal beliefs. The fact that Rodriguez felt it appropriate to take such extreme action against students with different beliefs casts a shadow on the integrity of academia.

When she was later asked about the incident, Rodriguez continued to threaten violence, holding a machete up to a reporter’s throat and warning him to stay away from her home.

As the reporter and photographer left the apartment building, an armed Rodriguez followed them and confronted them. The professor briefly chased The Post’s photographer down the street to his car before coming back to kick the reporter in the shins.

She finally retreated into her building just moments later.

The incident also highlights the danger that journalists face in their line of work, and the importance of freedom of the press. While reporters are tasked with investigating and reporting on stories, they should not have to fear for their safety.

In response to the incident, Hunter College has taken immediate action, releasing a statement declaring that Rodriguez has been relieved of her duties and will not be returning to teach at the school. This decision is a step in the right direction towards ensuring the safety and respect of all students on campus.

However, the incident has already had a lasting impact on the students and staff at Hunter College. The experience of being verbally attacked and threatened can leave lasting emotional scars, and it is crucial that the school takes steps to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

In the wake of this event, it is important to remember that everyone deserves the right to express their beliefs without fear of physical or emotional harm. As members of society, we must all work to create an environment where respect and understanding are the norm, and violence is never acceptable.

Shellyne Rodriguez’s violent outburst at Hunter College is an incident that should never have happened. Her actions were deeply disturbing and unacceptable, and raise serious questions about the state of academic freedom and impartiality in our colleges.

The fact that a professor, someone who is supposed to act as a role model and guide for their students, would engage in such behavior is deeply concerning. However, the response from Hunter College shows that institutions of higher learning take such incidents seriously and are willing to take swift action to address them.

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