Something BIG is About to Happen: Senators Issued Satellite Phones for Emergency Communication!

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Are you ready for disaster? US Senators have been issued satellite phones to prepare for a “disruptive event.” Such a move has struck fear among the public, as it raises questions as to what this event might be and if we are under some unknown security threat. While at least 50 Senators have accepted satellite phones, not all Senator’s have taken up the offer. Is the government keeping us in the dark about a potential security threat?

The situation in the United States is concerning many people, as their representatives in Congress are being issued satellite phones in preparation for a “disruptive event”. Although 100 Senators have been issued these phones for emergency secure communication, it has not been disclosed which Senators have accepted them.

This move has led many people to fear that the government is hiding something about a potential security threat that is emerging in the United States. Lawyer and political commentator, Rogan O’Handley tweeted that many are worried that a cyber attack prior to the 2024 election would be used to claim changes in voting procedures will benefit Joe Biden.

Others have pointed out the strange timing of events, such as the 30 tons of explosive that went missing from a train and the $290 Million worth of ‘anti-radiation’ medication bought by the U.S. government. Yet, the real concern remains as to why only 50 Senators have accepted the satellite phones.

Satellite phones, typically used by first responders in emergency situations, are handheld devices that use satellite signals to communicate with landline, cellular, or other satellite phones in most regions of the world. They are an important part of our infrastructure when there are no landline or cellular connections available or if these connections have been damaged in case of a natural disaster or man-made incident, including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive events. 

Given the growing concerns around security risks to members of Congress, the Senate Sergeant at Arms, Karen Gibson, is taking measures to ensure Senators have the necessary resources needed to be secure. Along with the satellite phones, she has opened an office “demonstration space” in the basement of the Russell Senate Office Building which showcases new home state office security upgrades. The space offers exhibitions of “duress buttons”, and mail screening devices to reduce the risk of attacks. She also offers ‘stop the bleed’ training to better equip staffers to respond to medical emergencies and victims of attacks.

The government’s move to issue satellite phones to Senators has caused widespread concern among the public. At best, the move appears to be an exercise in prudent preparation. But, at worst, it raises questions about potential security threats that the government is not disclosing to the American people. If the government is not forthcoming about security risks, then how can we be expected to trust them? And with Joe Biden at the helm, who seemingly struggles to hold his Administration together while promoting unity, it’s no wonder why people are skeptical of their leadership.

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Next News Network Team

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