Age Matters: Biden’s Senior Support Slips Away!

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The road to re-election for Joe Biden is grim as the 80-year-old proves just how unfit he is. Despite that, it seems the president is losing support in his own backyard, is this the beginning of the end? Are people finally coming to their senses as we near 24?

Let’s take a trip back to a cringeworthy time when Bide thanked his hometown for voting for him in 2020.

There is growing discontent among senior citizens in Scranton, Pennsylvania, (Biden’s Hometown) towards President Biden, citing concerns about his age and mental fitness. The Messenger interviewed several older residents, uncovering a significant shift in support. Eighty-two-year-old Ike Mielo, a Biden voter in 2020, expressed doubt due to the inevitable cognitive decline that accompanies old age. Mielo believes a younger leader is needed.

Barbara Petroski, 86, who also voted for Biden in 2020, went further, describing the president’s current persona as a façade. She questions Biden’s capabilities and worries about his brain power for another four years. Petroski prefers former Vice President Mike Pence as a potential White House candidate. However, she admitted that she would only vote for Biden if he faced off against former President Donald Trump, despite considering them both too old for the job.

Retired Republican Fred Miller, in his 60s, expressed mistrust towards Vice President Kamala Harris. He fears waking up to the news of Biden’s passing and Harris becoming president. These sentiments highlight the lack of confidence in the current administration.

Although there are still Biden supporters in Scranton, this growing dissent within his own hometown could have grave implications for his chances of re-election. If Biden fails to rally strong support locally, it raises questions about his ability to garner widespread support nationwide.

As Biden continues to face criticism from both sides, it remains to be seen how his re-election campaign will fare. The comments from his hometown highlight the challenges he faces nationwide as he seeks another term in office. For now, Biden pretends that he is up to the task of leading the country. However, concerns about his age and capabilities are not going away. As the 2024 election approaches, we hope people continue to wake up and weigh these concerns against his policies.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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