NYC Homeless Task Force Fails Americans While Illegals Receive Red Carpet Treatment: Shocking Report!

NYC Homeless Task Force Fails Americans While Illegals Receive Red Carpet Treatment: Shocking Report!
NYC Homeless Task Force Fails Americans While Illegals Receive Red Carpet Treatment: Shocking Report!
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NYC’s Failed Homeless Task Force Ignores Americans in Need

While illegals receive free resources under the Biden administration, NYC’s homeless task force has proven ineffective, offering little relief to struggling citizens compared to the help given to undocumented immigrants. As Americans suffer, Mayor Eric Adams seems to prioritize non-citizens over his own constituents.

As Americans continue to suffer under the disastrous border policies enabled by the Biden administration, NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ approach to undocumented immigrants has sparked outrage. While Adams provides extensive aid to non-citizens, including free healthcare and housing, the city’s administration task force designed to support growing homeless encampments proves alarmingly ineffective.

New Yorkers face a grim reality while Adams rolls out the welcome mat for undocumented migrants. Data provided by City Hall reveals that, from March 18, 2022, to April 30, 2023, only 166 people living in infamous encampments were placed in shelters following extensive task force engagement – amounting to a measly 5%.

According to The New York Post, more than 47,100 migrants have arrived in New York City due to President Biden’s porous border policies. Yet, despite the glaring need for housing, Mayor Adams bypassed standard government oversight procedures to support non-citizens, granting control of emergency relief operations for migrants to the city’s public hospital system.

In a concerning and costly move, an October 2022 agreement between NYC and the New York City Health + Hospitals Corporation outlined the process for operating “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers” (HERRCs). As a result, the city agreed to reimburse the corporation for costs amounting to nearly $100 million.

While NYC provides support for undocumented migrants – including facilities such as a mega-shelter within the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal – Mayor Adams neglects the city’s large homeless population. As the Bowery Mission reports, over 70,000 homeless individuals occupy the New York Metro area, whereas the Independent Budget Office forecasts a city expenditure of roughly $600 million per year to accommodate undocumented migrants.

Even public elementary schools were involuntarily enlisted when the administration decided to lodge illegals in local gymnasiums.

Critics argue that the disorganized task force resulted in negligible progress during its inaugural year, leaving homeless advocates, the business community, and street-dwelling Americans unnerved. As civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel urges, NYC must prioritize its own citizens and do better for its struggling communities.

David Giffen, head of the Coalition for the Homeless, denounces the ineffective city sweeps as a waste of time and effort. It is abundantly clear that Mayor Adams and his administration must refocus their resources and urgently address the alarming homeless crisis plaguing New York City.

In a city that once boasted opportunities, it’s time for Mayor Eric Adams to redirect his efforts towards aiding struggling Americans. Neglecting the increasingly dire situation for the city’s homeless population only highlights this administration’s baffling priorities.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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