Chicago Carjackers Get a Shocking Surprise from Their Armed Victim – Find Out What Happened!

Chicago Carjackers Get a Shocking Surprise from Their Armed Victim – Find Out What Happened!
Chicago Carjackers Get a Shocking Surprise from Their Armed Victim – Find Out What Happened!
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**Concealed carrier heroically stops attempted carjacking in Chicago**

In a display of bravery, a concealed carrier defended himself against two would-be carjackers outside a Chicago mall on Sunday. Undeterred by the threat of the assailants, he took charge of the situation and successfully thwarted their criminal intentions.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Ford City Mall’s Ross clothing store located at the 7600 block of South Cicero Avenue. According to the police, two suspects, later identified as 21-year-old Anton Cheeks and 18-year-old Travell Quadir Deal, approached a 24-year-old man preparing to leave the mall, intending to carjack his vehicle.

Brandishing a firearm, one of the suspects fired at the young man. Fortunately, displaying quick thinking, the intended victim returned fire. He possessed both a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card and concealed carry license, enabling him to effectively defend himself. As a result, he shot one of the assailants in the thigh. The would-be carjackers fled from the scene but were apprehended by law enforcement later that evening. Cheeks and Deal have since been charged with attempted vehicular carjacking and are awaiting bond court hearings.

This incident once again highlights the importance of law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and others. The concealed carrier’s actions not only ensured his own safety but also that of other visitors in the vicinity.

Chicago has seen several instances of gun-wielding criminals being stopped by responsibly-armed individuals with concealed carry permits this year. In January, an armed crook attempting to rob a man on a Chicago train was met with swift resistance when his would-be victim pulled a gun and shot him. In April, an 18-year-old male attempting to break into a business was stopped by a concealed carrier, preserving the security and livelihoods of the store owner and their employees.

While the city of Chicago continues to struggle with gun violence, this incident serves as a testament to the crucial role responsible firearm ownership plays in maintaining order and safeguarding citizens’ lives.

**Right to self-defense prevails in foiled Chicago carjacking**

Through a courageous display of self-defense, a concealed carrier in Chicago reflected the essential value of the inalienable rights granted by the Second Amendment. By exercising his right to protect himself, he undoubtedly prevented further violence and chaos in his community.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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