South Africa’s ANC Party Promotes New Apartheid Legislation: Non-Black Africans Barred from Employment

South Africa's ANC Party Promotes New Apartheid Legislation: Non-Black Africans Barred from Employment
South Africa's ANC Party Promotes New Apartheid Legislation: Non-Black Africans Barred from Employment
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In an alarming development, South Africa’s ruling government’s new legislation threatens to force many white South Africans out of their homeland. The discriminatory policies of the African National Congress (ANC) make it almost impossible for businesses to hire white and Indian employees, with a clear preference for black workers. This disturbing situation has driven over one million South Africans to leave the country in the past seven years alone. Despite this, the issue seldom makes headline news, raising concerns about the future of racial equity in the country.

Under the ANC’s affirmative action and black economic empowerment (BEE) policies, implemented after they rose to power in 1994, companies are now limited in the number of white employees they can hire, with management positions largely reserved for black citizens. This discriminatory approach is akin to a new form of apartheid, pushing many white professionals to uproot their lives and seek employment in nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Shockingly, data from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs reveals that 914,901 South African citizens emigrated between 2015 and 2020.

The ANC’s latest amendments to the recently-passed Employment Equity Act have been criticized by labor experts and opposition parties alike. They argue that these policies effectively ban “non-black Africans” from employment across most sectors. Dirk Hermann, from the Solidarity trade union, told The Epoch Times that the exodus is not limited to white South Africans; Indian, mixed race, and even black citizens are departing the country in search of opportunities.

It’s clear that South Africa is currently suffering under a modern apartheid, enforced by the very government that once sought to eradicate racist policies. Tragically, the ANC’s new laws perpetuate a cycle of prejudice, with white South Africans facing significant employment barriers and being pushed from their own country. Instead of healing the wounds of its tumultuous past, the South African government is aggravating them.

As the numbers continue to rise, and more South Africans flee their homeland, it becomes increasingly apparent that the ruling party’s policies are driving the country towards division and intolerance. The international community must not look away from this disturbing situation. Concrete action, alongside the urgent and authoritative reporting of the issue, is desperately needed to address and rectify the racial injustice unfolding in South Africa.


Next News Network Team

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