Texas GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt Defiantly Confronts Democrats’ Racism Accusations: ‘I Embody MLK’s Dream Daily!’ (VIDEO)

Texas GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt Defiantly Confronts Democrats' Racism Accusations: 'I Embody MLK's Dream Daily!' (VIDEO)
Texas GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt Defiantly Confronts Democrats' Racism Accusations: 'I Embody MLK's Dream Daily!' (VIDEO)
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**Texas Republican Rep. Wesley Hunt condemns Democrats for obsessing over racism claims, emphasizing his own election success in a majority white district. The GOP lawmaker points to an increasingly diverse Republican party and reminds the Democrats about the historical origins of their rivals.**

During a recent appearance on the Tim Pool podcast, Texas Republican Rep. Wesley Hunt criticized Democrats for their fixation with accusing Republicans of racism. Hunt highlighted his own election in a largely white district, where he beat several white candidates because of the ideas he campaigned on, not his skin color.

False allegations of racism against Republicans have been a Democratic strategy for years, particularly escalating during the Obama presidency. The Republican Party, however, continues to grow more racially diverse.

On Friday’s Timcast IRL episode, which garnered over one million views by Monday evening, Hunt took issue with how Democrats “got away with painting the Republican Party as being racist.” He moved on to discuss his political journey, particularly showcasing how it contradicts the Democratic narrative.

Hunt mentioned that he lives in a Houston district that President Trump would have won by 23 points, but he managed to win by an impressive 30 points. “In the Republican primary, I beat out 9 white guys. In the general election, I beat out a white guy by 30 points … I outperformed the president … and it’s a white-majority district,” he explained.

For Hunt, this is a concrete realization of Martin Luther King’s dream, as he is judged by the content of his character, rather than skin color. The video clip of his statement can be viewed below:

The Democrats would benefit from revisiting history. The Republican Party was founded to end slavery in the US, and the first seven black Congress members were Republicans.

**In conclusion, Rep. Wesley Hunt’s denunciation of the Democrats’ race-obsessed tactics is a reminder of the Republican Party’s ongoing diversification and the historical roots of equality in the GOP. Dismissing false racism claims, Hunt champions the importance of a fair political playing field where individuals’ ideas, not their skin color, determine success.**


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