U.S. Navy Marines Viciously Attacked by Dozens of Teens on Californian Shore (VIDEO)

U.S. Navy Marines Viciously Attacked by Dozens of Teens on Californian Shore (VIDEO)
U.S. Navy Marines Viciously Attacked by Dozens of Teens on Californian Shore (VIDEO)
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**Bold and brave Marines viciously attacked by mob of disrespectful teenagers in California**

Three local Marines, enjoying a well-deserved day off at San Clemente Pier, have fallen victim to a shocking and brutal attack by a large group of unruly teenagers. The deplorable act of violence began with the miscreants setting off fireworks and soon escalated to an all-out assault on our nation’s heroes that involved around 30 to 40 adolescents.

Hunter Antonino, one of the Marines attacked, recounted how the fireworks eventually led to the young men being targeted by the aggressive teenagers. After debris from the fireworks hit Antonino in the face, he and his friends calmly requested them to stop. Instead of complying, the disrespectful teenagers proceeded to follow the Marines to the pier, where they launched a disgusting and senseless beating.

Although it is unclear precisely what motivated the attack, it is evident that the violent and unlawful behavior of these out-of-control teenagers resulted in significant injury for Antonino and his fellow Marines. The Marine lance corporal speculates that he may have even sustained a concussion from the vicious stomping he endured. When the Marines identified themselves in an effort to quell the violent onslaught, the adolescents cruelly continued the assault.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) is now actively pursuing those responsible for this horrendous crime. According to Sergeant Frank Gonzalez, the attack is being treated as an assault with a deadly weapon due to the orchestrated nature of the beating. The OCSD expresses a firm commitment to identifying and prosecuting the offenders, regardless of the victims’ choices about pressing charges or seeking medical attention.

**Justice must be served for our heroic Marines subjected to senseless violence**

It is both horrifying and heartbreaking to see the very men who bravely serve and protect our nation become victims of such appalling violence. We must not stand idly by while these courageous Marines are struck down by unruly mobs of delinquents. It is high time for them to face the consequences, and until justice is served, we will continue to stand tall and unwavering, supporting our nation’s Marines in this devastating ordeal.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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