VIDEO: Gov. DeSantis Declares to Iowa Voters – Ballot Harvesting is Set to Unfold!

VIDEO: Gov. DeSantis Declares to Iowa Voters – Ballot Harvesting is Set to Unfold!
VIDEO: Gov. DeSantis Declares to Iowa Voters – Ballot Harvesting is Set to Unfold!
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**Democrats Beware: Governor DeSantis Announces Ballot Harvesting Plans for 2024**

The late conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh had warned that the Democrat party was trying to win elections without broad public support by resorting to cheating. It seems that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has a strategy of his own – he plans to engage in ballot harvesting in 2024, leveling the playing field against the Democrats’ tactics.

Governor DeSantis is an admirable figure, having done an outstanding job in Florida. However, he is wise to acknowledge that not every state is like the Sunshine State. On Thursday, DeSantis informed his supporters that he will resort to ballot harvesting for the 2024 elections. This is a controversial method that was illegal in Nevada until 2020, showcasing how desperate the Democrats have become.

DeSantis assured an Iowa voter that “we’re going to do ballot harvesting.” He added that he won’t “fight with one hand tied behind my back,” highlighting his determination to counteract the Democrats’ underhanded schemes.

It is a concern, however, that simply trying to match the Democrats’ cheating tactics may not be enough. After all, Democrats have control over the drop boxes, union postal workers, bloated voter rolls, and unlimited mail-in balloting, not to mention the keys to absentee ballot rooms. In other words, their cheating machine is extensively established.

DeSantis is taking an approach that should alarm Democrats who have previously relied on these disingenuous methods. It is refreshing to see a respected conservative figure like DeSantis taking a proactive stance against the Democrats’ manipulation of the electoral system.

However, one might wonder if there are alternative strategies to exposing and combating the Democrats’ dishonest practices. For example, investigations into their various tactics could potentially uncover incontrovertible evidence of their cheating ways and lead to a crackdown on such practices. Additionally, conservative-led campaigns pushing for transparency in the electoral process may attract public support, making it more difficult for Democrats to get away with their scheming. The challenge, as always, is to find the most effective and lawful methods to discredit these Democratic tactics and restore fairness and integrity to the electoral process.

It is essential that the political landscape becomes more transparent, fair, and unbiased, enabling the will of the people to prevail. DeSantis’ plans to engage in ballot harvesting serve as a wake-up call for Democrats: the era of manipulating elections may be coming to an end. The American people deserve a political system they can trust, and it is high time that honest politicians devoted their efforts to ensuring its integrity.

**Governor DeSantis Forces Democrats’ Hand with Ballot Harvesting Announcement**

Governor Ron DeSantis’ plans for ballot harvesting in 2024 will certainly make waves. It sends a clear message to the Democrats that their engagement in dishonest practices is being scrutinized and will not go unchecked. The challenge now is to expose and counteract the Democrats’ tactics while preserving the integrity of the electoral system for the benefit of all Americans.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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