Can Biden Make Centrism The Hottest Craze After Striking a Debt Deal? King Reveals All!

Can Biden Make Centrism The Hottest Craze After Striking a Debt Deal? King Reveals All!
Can Biden Make Centrism The Hottest Craze After Striking a Debt Deal? King Reveals All!
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Bold introduction:

CNN’s Inside Politics seems more like a promotional campaign for Biden’s 2024 run than a balanced news segment. The network’s focus on praising Biden’s “centrism and compromise” misses the mark.


Host John King’s recent statements on President Biden’s address regarding a debt limit deal have stirred up some controversy. Calling Biden’s actions as what “America elected him to do,” King and his panel suggested that Biden might just make centrism and compromise “sexy.”

King referred to a David Ignatius article from the Washington Post, which lauded Biden for governing from the center and making deals that solve problems. The article also claimed that critics fail to grasp that Biden is acting as he promised during his campaign. However, the notion that Biden is some champion of centrism and compromise is far-fetched.

When the White House initially tackled the debt deal, they outright refused to negotiate with Republicans and demanded a clean debt ceiling increase, equating their opposition to hostage-taking. If Biden had his way, GOP dysfunction would result in House Republicans conceding without any benefits. He only chose to negotiate when GOP actions forced his hand.

Nevertheless, Axios national politics reporter Alex Thompson sided with King, extolling Biden as a moderate deal-maker. Thompson pointed out Biden’s affinity for forging deals in the Oval Office during Obama’s tenure, claiming that Biden’s unique experience enabled him to bring a sense of stability to Washington.

Thompson continued to reinforce Biden’s self-image by noting his time-tested mantra: don’t die on a small cross. He maintains that this outlook helped him send Steve Ricchetti, a Capitol Hill deal-maker and former lobbyist, to negotiate. Biden’s staunch self-belief has convinced him that he was elected specifically to bring this sort of calm to politics.

However, when President Trump negotiated debt ceiling deals with Democrats, CNN did not frame Trumpism as a centrist governing philosophy. They certainly did not declare it “sexy,” exposing the double standard that exists in media portrayals of political deals and negotiations.

Lexus happened to sponsor this biased and misleading segment, further adding fuel to the fire of those who question the network’s commitment to journalistic integrity and balanced reporting.

Bold conclusion:

In the end, CNN’s Inside Politics comes across more as a cheerleader for Biden’s 2024 campaign rather than a reputable journalistic source. This blatant bias does a disservice to viewers seeking honest and fair political analysis.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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