Chicago’s Black Community Outraged Over City Leaders Prioritizing Funding for Illegal Immigrants (WATCH)

Chicago's Black Community Outraged Over City Leaders Prioritizing Funding for Illegal Immigrants (WATCH)
Chicago's Black Community Outraged Over City Leaders Prioritizing Funding for Illegal Immigrants (WATCH)
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**Chicago’s $51 Million Funding for Illegal Immigrants Sparks Outrage in the Black Community**

As Chicago approves $51 million in spending on illegal immigrants, many in the city’s black community are left feeling neglected and resentful. The frustration echoes similar sentiments shared by Trump supporters, who have long argued that this kind of funding should be directed toward citizens, rather than unlawful border crossers.

The controversy emerged during a city council meeting on Wednesday when black residents voiced their disapproval of such financial allocation. The money could be better spent addressing homelessness and mental health crises that continue to plague their own community. In response to the influx of illegals, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been busing migrants to the Windy City since August 2022, with around 2,000 migrants having arrived so far.

Caroline Ruff, the Black Lives Matter Women of Faith founder, urged the alderman to vote down the proposed $51 million budget allocation during Wednesday’s meeting. Ruff emphasized the city’s responsibility to support its own and address the homelessness and mental health crises plaguing the black community before providing financial aid to migrants.

Chicago is not the only city grappling with such issues. New York City is also struggling to accommodate the rising number of illegal immigrants. Mayor Eric Adams recently acknowledged the situation as a looming humanitarian crisis, with schools now being used to house them. The city’s residents are growing increasingly discontent with this arrangement.

Liberal America’s open borders policy is facing backlash from within, as liberal cities receive an influx of migrants to their neighborhoods. Republican governors in border states are being called upon to carry the burden by shipping migrants elsewhere. This is seen as a cost their constituents must bear for voting in favor of such policies.

The tactic of relocating illegals to blue cities is proving effective, with Republican governors from border states encouraged to intensify their efforts.

**As the $51 million funding for illegal immigrants in Chicago generates anger and resentment within the black community, the discussion around immigration policy and resource allocation intensifies. The nation watches closely as cities grapple with these divisive issues, which influences the political landscape on both sides of the spectrum.**


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