Orbán Warns: Act Swiftly to Halt Ukrainian Offensive or Face Numerous Fatalities

Orbán Warns: Act Swiftly to Halt Ukrainian Offensive or Face Numerous Fatalities
Orbán Warns: Act Swiftly to Halt Ukrainian Offensive or Face Numerous Fatalities
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warns of devastating consequences in response to a potential Ukrainian counteroffensive in the ongoing conflict with Donbass. Calling for peace and a new European security system, he critiques Western and Democratic interference, championing Hungary’s pro-peace stance.

In his weekly Friday interview on Kossuth radio, Viktor Orbán expressed concern about Western leaders believing that “Ukraine can win the war with Western money and weapons” and that this mindset will inevitably result in conflict. He stated that Hungary is on the right moral and political path with their pro-peace stance and that pro-war governments in Western countries will eventually be replaced as the majority of people do not support war.

Orbán is confident that European leaders will soon recognize the Hungarian perspective and push for a ceasefire and negotiations before a Ukrainian counteroffensive leads to the loss of many lives. He insists that the priority should be saving lives as there is no chance to “win” this war.

In an interview at the Qatar Economic Forum, Orbán referred to the war as “a failure of diplomacy” and emphasized that the battlefield solution does not work. He said the only solution to this conflict would be an agreement between Russia and the United States, despite the unhappiness of Europeans.

Orbán criticized American Democrats for their ideological approach, attempting to “convince people of their principles” and imposing their will on others, which he does not appreciate. He said that Hungary has its own culture and way of life and does not need the interference of the Americans. He praised former Republican President Donald Trump for understanding this.

In conclusion, Viktor Orbán advocates for peace and non-interference in the Ukraine-Donbass conflict, condemning those who believe military actions will resolve the situation. He emphasizes the importance of a ceasefire, as well as the need for a new European security system, and maintains that negotiating with Russia and the US is the only solution.


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