Shocking Drop in Women’s World Cup Ticket Sales – Find Out What’s Happening as the Tournament Nears!

Shocking Drop in Women's World Cup Ticket Sales – Find Out What's Happening as the Tournament Nears!
Shocking Drop in Women's World Cup Ticket Sales – Find Out What's Happening as the Tournament Nears!
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**The Women’s World Cup approaches, but New Zealand’s attendance numbers are beyond abysmal. FIFA is facing a harsh reality as it struggles to profit from what it claims is a “major” sporting event. Is this a wake-up call for the overly progressive soccer organization?**

As the Women’s World Cup rapidly approaches, being held in Australia and New Zealand this year, one would assume tickets would be selling like hotcakes. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to France 24, ticket sales in New Zealand have been downright appalling in the build-up to the tournament.

New Zealand is set to host a total of 29 matches, with 930,000 tickets available at seemingly unbeatable prices—an adult ticket costs only $12, and a child ticket goes for $10. Remarkably, even with such low prices, a mere 220,000 tickets have been snatched up, leaving the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) with a measly $2.6 million for an event that cost far more to host.

Sure, there’s still six weeks until the tournament begins, and New Zealand’s population is relatively small. But those excuses fall flat in the face of such shockingly poor sales numbers.

Jane Patterson, the tournament’s chief operating officer in New Zealand, has expressed her concern over the disappointing figures, emphasizing the need for New Zealanders to seize this opportunity. Paula Hansen, a New Zealand Football Official, remains optimistic that some stadiums will eventually sell out.

For FIFA’s sake, that had better be the case. But perhaps this predicament serves as a much-needed reality check for the soccer organization, demonstrating that no matter how low the prices, people simply aren’t clamoring to watch a group of progressive female athletes take the field.

**The Women’s World Cup ticket sales catastrophe showcases how FIFA’s priorities aren’t in sync with the public’s interests. With even their bargain prices failing to woo spectators, it’s high time they reevaluate their strategies and focus on what really makes the sport popular and attracts devoted fans.**


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