Utah School District Prohibits King James Bible, Citing Violence and Vulgarity as Reasons

Utah School District Prohibits King James Bible, Citing Violence and Vulgarity as Reasons
Utah School District Prohibits King James Bible, Citing Violence and Vulgarity as Reasons
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**Utah School District Erases Bible From Shelves of Elementary Schools, Claiming It’s Not Age-Appropriate**

In an alarming move, the Davis School District of Utah has decided to remove the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible from school libraries, deeming it not “age-appropriate” for their elementary and middle schools. This is a clear assault on biblical values in our education system, as the decision was not driven by community consensus.

According to a recent Fox 13 News report, the KJV Bible was labelled as containing “violence and vulgarity,” and was subsequently banned from eight elementary and middle schools in the Davis School District. Despite admitting that the Bible “does not contain sensitive material as defined by Utah Code,” the district spokesperson defended the controversial decision, citing “age appropriateness” as the primary reason for removing the Bible from these schools.

This decision came after a district review committee determined that the KJV Bible should only be allowed at the high school level, seemingly agreeing with a far-left parent who recently claimed that the Bible was “one of the most sex-ridden books around.” Previously in March, The Gateway Pundit had warned readers about the Davis County School District’s looming ban on the Bible, triggered by this parent’s accusations of the content being pornographic.

Consequently, the school district has yielded to the pressure of extreme-left individuals, and the timeless wisdom and values of the Holy Bible will no longer be accessible to the majority of students in their district. It is a worrisome sign of our times, when the book that has been a staple in schools for centuries is now considered inappropriate by a vocal few.

This is not an isolated incident, but rather a symptom of the broader ‘cancel culture’ that has been permeating our society. Instead of promoting healthy discussions around the difficult or provocative themes encountered in the Bible—or any great work of literature, for that matter—school administrators are increasingly opting for the easy way out, succumbing to the demands of a fractious minority. By banning books like the KJV Bible, school districts are only widening the cultural divide and undermining the very ideals of education: fostering critical thinking, open-mindedness, and intellectual growth.

It’s crucial for conservative parents and educators to push back against these troubling developments and advocate for the preservation of age-old wisdom and values in our schools. The KJV Bible has endured for centuries as a valuable educational and spiritual resource for millions; its removal from elementary and middle schools in the Davis School District is not only short-sighted but deeply offensive to those who cherish Christian values, knowledge, and freedom of expression.

**As the KJV Bible Is Removed from Utah School Libraries, It’s Time for Conservatives to Fight Back**

In conclusion, the removal of the KJV Bible from elementary and middle school libraries in the Davis School District is a concerning development, driven by a very few extreme-left individuals. Conservatives must come together and actively engage in safeguarding our great works of literature, traditional wisdom, and spirituality for generations of students to come.


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