You Won’t Believe What Calvin Klein Did with Their Latest Billboard – It Could Be the End!

You Won't Believe What Calvin Klein Did with Their Latest Billboard - It Could Be the End!
You Won't Believe What Calvin Klein Did with Their Latest Billboard - It Could Be the End!
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**Calvin Klein and PetSmart: Embracing the Woke Agenda Takes Center Stage**

In the world of advertising, Calvin Klein is well-known for its use of attractive, fit models like young Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. But now the brand is changing its image, opting for overweight and gender non-conforming models. They’re not alone, either: PetSmart has jumped on the “woke” bandwagon, proudly displaying their support for LGBTQ+ issues. But is this really the right direction for these companies? The following will take a critical look at their decisions and how it might affect their consumers.

For years, Calvin Klein’s provocative ads showcased fit-bodied models, encouraging consumers to aspire to a certain level of physical attractiveness. Many people believed that this strategy was effective, and nobody expected the company to do an about-face. That’s why it came as a surprise when they began featuring plus-sized and gender non-conforming models in their campaigns. This is a far cry from the ads that helped build the company’s reputation, and it begs the question: What message are they trying to send now?

Dave Rubin, a popular American commentator, is among those who feel that the new approach doesn’t make much sense. He points out that advertising is about aspiration, and people should aspire to look like the fit models of yesteryear rather than today’s more diverse lineup. But Calvin Klein isn’t the only company adopting the “woke” agenda.

PetSmart, the go-to store for all things pet-related, has also joined the ranks of companies proudly displaying support for LGBTQ+ issues. Signs bearing slogans like “Show Your Pride” and “PetSmart believes in unconditional love” now greet customers as they walk through the store’s doors. These signs even go so far as to depict animals floating on transgender and rainbow flags. But what is the purpose of this sudden support for the LGBTQ+ community?

According to Rubin, there’s more to it than just a simple desire to be inclusive. He believes that there’s a deeper issue at play, stating: “They want the dogs to be gay too”. While this may sound ridiculous to some, it’s important to consider the implications of these changes. What does PetSmart – and other businesses like Calvin Klein – stand to gain from embracing this liberal agenda?

The answer may lie in the desire to capitalize on the growing trend of social justice and a push for a more inclusive society. However, this attempt to be progressive could potentially further polarize consumers who may not necessarily subscribe to these particular ideas.

**Where Do We Stand on the Woke Agenda?**

In conclusion, brands like Calvin Klein and PetSmart have made a calculated decision to appeal to a progressive audience by shifting their marketing and messaging. While this may seem like a commendable approach on the surface, it’s essential to examine the potential implications for the companies themselves and the consumers they serve. The “woke” agenda shouldn’t be pursued at the cost of alienating consumers who might not agree with these ideals or disrupting the purpose of their products. Instead, companies should strive for more balanced and nuanced methods of inclusion and diversity.


Next News Network Team

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