Hohmann Unveils: Alarming Statistics on Fatal Injections – Insight by Leading Insurance Investigator

Hohmann Unveils: Alarming Statistics on Fatal Injections - Insight by Leading Insurance Investigator
Hohmann Unveils: Alarming Statistics on Fatal Injections - Insight by Leading Insurance Investigator
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Shocking Revelation: Top Analyst Estimates 600,000 Americans Dying from Covid Shots Annually

The United States is known for having poor medical transparency, but innovative analysts are now utilizing data from the United Kingdom to determine the number of excess deaths in the U.S. since the launch of the Covid vaccines. The findings are alarming, revealing that those who took the jabs have a 26% higher mortality rate on average than those who refused – and even more startling for vaccinated individuals under 50 years old, where mortality is 49% higher than among the unvaccinated.

According to Josh Stirling, a renowned insurance analyst and former Senior Research Analyst for U.S. nonlife insurance at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., the UK data demonstrates the significant increase in mortality rates among the vaccinated population. He recently testified before Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, highlighting the numbers which have gone largely unreported by the mainstream media. Stirling emphasized how the discrepancy in mortality rates is an even greater cause for concern among individuals under the age of 50, who now experience a 49% higher mortality rate as a result of vaccination.

This troubling statistic sheds light on a matter currently obscured by our country’s lack of medical transparency. While it’s difficult to determine exactly how such data might have impacted public opinion and policy had it been available earlier, the facts certainly raise questions about the effectiveness and safety of the Covid vaccines. They also highlight the importance of continued research into alternative treatments for the virus, as well as the necessity for transparency in reporting on all aspects of this ongoing global crisis.

It seems that a reliance on UK data may have ultimately aided in the revelation of this critical information, but one can’t help but wonder what other crucial facts might remain hidden due to our nation’s lack of transparency in the medical field. Data and statistics which could impact countless lives remain shrouded in secrecy, doing a disservice to public health and the need for accurate, unbiased information.

As the world continues to grapple with Covid-19 and its repercussions, it is imperative that we push for increased transparency and access to data that can help save lives and inform better decision-making. Public health should remain at the forefront of policy decisions, and the disclosure of information like this UK data uncovering the dangerous consequences of Covid vaccinations is vital to ensuring informed choices are made.

To Conclude: Rising Mortality Rates Among Vaccinated a Wake-up Call

The staggering numbers unveiled by a top insurance analyst showcase the alarming rise in mortality rates among vaccinated Americans, highlighting the need for medical transparency and unbiased information. This urgent and important revelation should serve as a reminder that public health must always come first, pushing us to prioritize transparency in reporting and accurate data for informed decision-making.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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