Democrats Can’t Wait to Take on Trump: Shocking Admission on PBS Revealed!

Democrats Can't Wait to Take on Trump: Shocking Admission on PBS Revealed!
Democrats Can't Wait to Take on Trump: Shocking Admission on PBS Revealed!
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Democrats Can’t Wait to Lose 2024 With Trump

The Democrats and their media allies seem eager to watch Donald Trump regain the Republican nomination in 2024, despite claiming he’s a threat to democracy. Recent polls tie President Biden with both Trump and Ron DeSantis, prompting questions about Democrats’ strategy for the upcoming race. Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart revealed that Democrats seem eager to challenge Trump once again.

Capehart emphasized the importance of reminding Americans about what they stand for, like the rule of law, respect, and freedom. This statement highlights the irony of Democrats considering Biden as the champion of liberty. However, Capehart also expressed support for Chris Christie entering the race as a candidate to take on Trump. He dismissed the possibility of Mike Pence as a contender, suggesting his actions on January 6 have sealed his fate.

In the conversation, PBS NewsHour co-host Amna Nawaz asked Gary Abernathy, a substitute center-right pundit, if there’s any room for Pence in the Republican Party’s primary race. Abernathy disagreed with Capehart on both Pence and Christie, stating that the only lane in the Republican Party right now is the MAGA lane, with Trump and DeSantis as its primary contenders.

The discussion transitioned to the debt-limit bill, where Capehart deemed Biden the winner. He pointed out that the original House Republican bill had drastic cuts to social programs and the president’s priorities, which have been removed in the current deal.

The Democrats’ position on the 2024 race reflects an eagerness to face the challenge of fighting against Trump once more. However, it’s crucial to question whether this strategy will lead to success or repeat the 2016 outcome.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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