Hollywood Actor Blasts The DNC On Their Hypocrisy about Democracy

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Hell must be freezing over because Hollywood actor James Van Der Beek recently released an explosive video accusing a specific political party of destroying our democracy by refusing to allow free speech during election season. You won’t want to miss this rant.

In a viral TikTok video, James Van Der Beek, the famous actor from “Dawson’s Creek” and “Varsity Blues,” boldly exposed the undemocratic practices of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Van Der Beek argued that democracy cannot thrive when an unelected elite decides the presidential candidate without allowing the people to hear all sides in a debate.

Expressing deep concern, Van Der Beek questioned the DNC’s commitment to democracy and freedom. He highlighted the influence of Big Tech, Big Business, and Big Pharma, along with other powerful elites, on America’s political landscape. By suppressing primary debates, the DNC denies voters the chance to make an informed decision and undermines the democratic process.

Van Der Beek’s assertions are supported by polls indicating significant support for Biden’s challengers. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holds 19 percent of the vote, while Marianne Williamson has 7 percent. This considerable portion of voters is left unheard, leading to doubts about the legitimacy of the entire primary process.

Even billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk criticized the DNC for its refusal to hold primary debates. Musk voiced his disapproval of undemocratic practices and highlighted the importance of informed choices for the public. He called for more transparency and criticized the excessive backroom dealings happening within the party.

These high-profile voices, including Van Der Beek and Musk, emphasize the urgent need for open debates and fair representation of all candidates. Their criticisms resonate with Americans who value democracy and despise elite control over the electoral process.

The silence imposed by the DNC on primary debates raises serious concerns about the future of democracy. James Van Der Beek’s passionate plea for open debates has struck a chord with millions of concerned Americans. The stifling of opposing voices and the influence of unelected elites must be addressed. Democracy depends on it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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