Prominent Chicago Media Outlets Decline Reporting on Recent Democratic Controversies

Prominent Chicago Media Outlets Decline Reporting on Recent Democratic Controversies
Prominent Chicago Media Outlets Decline Reporting on Recent Democratic Controversies
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**Major Scandals Ignored by Chicago Newspapers: Has Media Bias Deceived Americans?**

Major scandals involving Democrats have been dominating national news recently, but those relying on either of Chicago’s primary newspapers will remain uninformed. Is it any surprise that a majority of Americans believe the media favors Democrats and is considered “the enemy of the people”?

Although Wirepoints reports that nine members of Joe Biden’s family received large sums from foreign entities as part of a significant influence-peddling scheme, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times have failed to discuss these matters. Similarly, neither newspaper has reported on the 51 top former US national security officials who participated in the real “Russia hoax,” falsely claiming that Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop was planted by Russians to support Hillary Clinton’s election.

John Durham’s recent report revealed that the FBI lacked substantial evidence to initiate its investigation into alleged Russia-Trump collusion, which consumed the nation’s attention for years. This information, too, has been absent from the aforementioned papers.

Journalist Matt Taibbi refers to an entire “Censorship Industrial Complex” that now restricts the news Americans see, with the federal government’s backing. A recent Rasmussen Reports survey corroborates this, with only 30% of likely voters stating they trust political news. Moreover, the same survey showed that 52% do not trust the news and believe it favors Democrats over Republicans by an overwhelming 32% margin. Among independent voters, this figure increases to 36%. Consequently, 59% of American voters now view the media as the enemy of the people.

A recent Reuters Institute poll also found that the US ranks last among 46 countries concerning trust in media. This lack of trust is undeniably warranted, given the deafening silence of major Chicago newspapers on current Democrat scandals.

**In conclusion, the significant underreporting of Democratic wrongdoings by selected media outlets continues to erode public trust in journalism. As more Americans become aware of this biased reporting, the demand for accountability and honesty from their news sources will grow stronger.**


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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