SHOCKING: Chuck Todd Out, Welker’s Unbelievable Rise to Power on Meet the Press – Find Out More!

SHOCKING: Chuck Todd Out, Welker's Unbelievable Rise to Power on Meet the Press - Find Out More!
SHOCKING: Chuck Todd Out, Welker's Unbelievable Rise to Power on Meet the Press - Find Out More!
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**Chuck Todd Steps Down, Takes Heat for Far-Left Bias as Kristen Welker Takes Over**

All change on the NBC front lines as Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd hands over the reins to White House correspondent Kristen Welker. Todd steps down after almost a decade, marking the end of an era tainted by blatant liberal bias. Critics, however, remain hopeful that Welker will avoid playing the same old left song and dance.

From September, NBC’s Meet the Press news show will see a changing of the guard when its current moderator Chuck Todd steps away and White House correspondent Kristen Welker takes his place. The information was first reported by The Washington Post and has since been confirmed by NBC.

Kristen Welker, who has been astutely following events from the White House for the network, will now take over the role that Todd held since 2014, when he replaced David Gregory. In an authoritive display of gratitude and respect for her predecessor, Welker praised Todd on Twitter, sharing that he had been her mentor and friend since she first set foot in NBC News. She also mentioned that she was both humbled and grateful for the opportunity to build on the legacy of Meet the Press one step at a time.

Chuck Todd broke the news to viewers at the end of Sunday’s Meet the Press, sharing that the day was not his last but signaling the end of an era during which he and his team built the program up over the decade.

While Todd’s colleagues and contemporaries sing his praises, not everyone is sad to see him go. Frequent readers of NewsBusters will be well aware that Todd’s time as a moderator was far from neutral. He was consistently guilty of parroting Democratic Party talking points and making excuses for the scandals and controversies that seemed to follow him around.

Most recently, Todd was criticized for making the scientifically unfounded claim that there are more than two genders. In a world filled with misinformation from journalists aiming to protect their own tainted points of view, news outlets desperately need a neutral, impartial, and educated approach to delivering the stories that matter.

**As Chuck Todd Bows Out, We Await Kristen Welker’s Approach**

With a reputation for far-left bias, Chuck Todd steps down and makes way for Kristen Welker. As Meet the Press enters a new era, it remains to be seen whether Welker will adopt the same liberal narrative and steer away from neutral journalism. Only time will tell.


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