Utah’s Leading Police Union Backs Trent Staggs in Bid to Oust RINO Senator Mitt Romney

Utah's Leading Police Union Backs Trent Staggs in Bid to Oust RINO Senator Mitt Romney
Utah's Leading Police Union Backs Trent Staggs in Bid to Oust RINO Senator Mitt Romney
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Utah Requires a Fearless Defender to Replace RINO Romney

Riverton Republican Mayor Trent Staggs seeks election as Utah’s Senator, hoping to unseat RINO Sen. Mitt Romney with a bold conservative voice. Staggs’ campaign emphasizes the need for a representative who will courageously stand against the Washington establishment and fight for Utah’s interests. With critical issues neglected by current leadership, Staggs plans to address these challenges, such as excessive spending, soaring gas prices, border security, and receiving bipartisan support from significant organizations.

The nation and Utah currently face numerous challenges due to ineffective leadership. Staggs expressed concerns about increasing financial burdens and the nation’s growing debt due to continuous compromise. He revealed that more agents work for the IRS than for border protection, while Americans struggle with rising gas prices and witness unchecked foreign aid. Staggs, a firm conservative, vows to address illegal immigration and establish a balanced budget.

Staggs aims to protect states’ rights by pushing back against federal overreach while appointing judges who adhere to the Constitution. By comparing his vision to RINO Senator Romney’s track record, Staggs accused Romney of supporting establishment ideologies, endorsing open borders, favoring Trump’s impeachment, and contributing to the surging national debt. Following George Floyd’s death, Romney even joined a BLM protest in Washington, DC, advocating the defunding of the police.

Utah’s largest police union, the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, unanimously endorsed Trent Staggs as their Senate candidate. They regarded Staggs as a longtime supporter of law enforcement, offering both words and actions to support their safety and working conditions. Staggs has also supported law enforcement during recent times when remaining politically neutral was more expedient, demonstrating his commitment to them.

Having earned the union’s support, Staggs wants to remind law enforcement that he stands by their side in contrast to senators who participate in protests against them. Seeking to replace RINO Mitt Romney, Staggs calls upon Utah’s residents to contribute to his campaign, emphasizing the importance of a proven conservative fighter in the Senate.

Staggs Emerges as a Bold Conservative Voice Utah Needs

Mayor Trent Staggs is determined to bring Utah a strong conservative voice in the Senate. With his commitment to address neglected issues and fight for the state’s interests, Staggs is backed by organizations like the Utah Fraternal Order of Police. Now, Utah residents have the opportunity to support this fearless candidate, who promises to stand against the Washington establishment and deliver real change.


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