Conspiracy Theorists’ Date Night: Unraveling Secrets Together (VIDEO)

Conspiracy Theorists' Date Night: Unraveling Secrets Together (VIDEO)
Conspiracy Theorists' Date Night: Unraveling Secrets Together (VIDEO)
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Two “conspiracy theorists” find common ground on an unexpected date.

Activist Nazarin Veronica and content creator Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, or “Sneako,” recently found themselves on a date, where their conversation covered a range of topics, leading to a surprising level of bonding and agreement. Highlights of their conversation included their involvement in housing assistance and businesses, as well as their shared skepticism towards vaccinations and influential figures.

During the date, Nazarin talked about her work in providing housing assistance to vulnerable populations, to which Sneako showed genuine interest and admiration. They took a cute turn when discussing their skeptical attitude towards receiving vaccinations, discovering a shared stance on the matter.

The duo also expressed their shared interest in so-called “conspiracy theories” often criticized by far-left media and their skepticism towards powerful figures such as Bill Gates. They talked openly about their experiences being canceled on social media for expressing controversial views and misinformation.

On the topic of influential figures, Nazarin shared a story of being cut off on talk TV after accusing Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab of being “psychopaths and murderers.” Sneako also discussed his own cancellation on social media platforms for sharing “election misinformation.”

Despite the heavy topics, their date concluded with a positive atmosphere and the desire to meet again. They enjoyed each other’s company and the chance to have open, thoughtful discussions without feeling judged.

The full video of this fascinating date can be found online, showcasing the connection and agreement between two seemingly unlikely match.

Their charming and honest conversation offers a glimpse into the world of “conspiracy theorists” finding common


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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