Revolutionary Bill Unveiled by House Republicans to Preserve AM Radio in Future Cars

Revolutionary Bill Unveiled by House Republicans to Preserve AM Radio in Future Cars
Revolutionary Bill Unveiled by House Republicans to Preserve AM Radio in Future Cars
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House Republicans Fight to Save AM Radio in New Cars

Car manufacturers have contemplated cutting out AM radios from their new vehicles, which would be a devastating move for various reasons. Thankfully, two House Republicans have taken action to save the beloved AM radio in new cars.

AM radio holds an essential place in many Americans’ hearts and minds, especially for conservatives. Major talk radio shows, mostly conservative, can be found on these stations. Additionally, AM radio is a vital source of information during emergencies, providing crucial updates when needed. Recognizing this importance, Republican Kansas Rep. Jake LaTurner and Republican Missouri Rep. Mark Alford have introduced legislation to protect the inclusion of AM radios in newly manufactured vehicles.

Automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Mazda, and Tesla have reportedly removed AM radios from their new electric vehicles due to interference caused by electric engines. Ford also stated it would not include AM radios in its 2024 models, but the company reversed this decision following backlash. The proposed legislation highlights the significance of AM radio for freedom of expression and ideas while acknowledging its reliability in conveying essential safety and agriculture information to rural Americans without access to broadband or cellular networks.

Every month, 82 million Americans tune in to AM radio. For many, it is a critical means of receiving news, weather, and emergency safety information, as well as agricultural updates. It is a genuine lifeline for rural communities that rely on it for essential information, especially when other sources are not available.

As Rep. Jake LaTurner rightfully stated, “Millions of Americans rely on AM radio for crucial information or as an alternative to mainstream media outlets.” This issue speaks to preserving essential communication platforms for all Americans, no matter where they reside.

The continued presence of AM radio in new cars is something that every Republican, and indeed, every American, should support. The House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Subcommittee will hold a public hearing examining the value of AM radio, demonstrating its significance within the nation.

AM Radio Deserves Our Support

It’s evident that AM radio is more than just a means of entertainment; it’s a critical tool for communication and a vital lifeline for many communities. Thus, efforts by representatives LaTurner and Alford to ensure its continued presence in new vehicles should be commended and supported by both parties. Saving AM radio from fading into obscurity is imperative.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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