Texas Sheriff Demands Legal Action Following Probe into DeSantis’ Migrant Transfers to Martha’s Vineyard

Texas Sheriff Demands Legal Action Following Probe into DeSantis' Migrant Transfers to Martha's Vineyard
Texas Sheriff Demands Legal Action Following Probe into DeSantis' Migrant Transfers to Martha's Vineyard
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**Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faces potential criminal charges for sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, as investigated by Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar. Since President Biden’s inauguration, over 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border, with many secretly transported across the US. While tragic incidents like the 50 dead illegals found in a San Antonio trailer occur, it’s DeSantis’ act of relocating them to a sanctuary city that gets the attention.**

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ operation to send illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard was deemed a criminal matter by Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, who opened an investigation in September. More than 50 illegals were found dead in a trailer in San Antonio as a result of Joe Biden’s open border policies. However, it’s DeSantis’ move to transport a few dozen aliens to a sanctuary city that caused uproar among the liberal elite.

Despite over 5 million illegals crossing the border since Joe Biden took office, it’s DeSantis’ decision to fly these individuals to a city that proudly declared they welcome all migrants that has attracted controversy. As the Biden administration continues to fly and bus illegal aliens all over the country, often in the dead of night and during a pandemic, DeSantis faces backlash for his efforts.

According to Salazar, the illegal aliens were “lured” to Martha’s Vineyard under false pretenses. This led to him recommending criminal charges, both felony and misdemeanor, for unlawful restraint to the Bexar County District Attorney, as reported by the Miami Herald. As the case is now being reviewed by the District Attorney’s office, an update is expected to be provided to the public as soon as it becomes available.

This situation raises questions about the priorities and double standards of the political elite. While the Biden administration continues its secretive transportation of illegal aliens across the nation, it’s the conservative DeSantis who is put under scrutiny and faces potential consequences for attempting to address the issue. The public is left to wonder whether this reaction to DeSantis’ actions is rooted in their alleged criminal nature or the perceived disruption of liberal sanctuary cities’ status quo.

**As Bexar County’s District Attorney reviews the potential charges against DeSantis for transporting illegal immigrants to a sanctuary city, it’s clear that the reaction serves as a glaring example of the double standards plaguing American politics. While Biden’s administration spreads illegal immigrants throughout the country, it’s the conservative governor who makes headlines and faces backlash.**


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