Ukraine Unleashes Daring Kamikaze Tactics

Ukraine Unleashes Daring Kamikaze Tactics
Ukraine Unleashes Daring Kamikaze Tactics
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**Ukraine’s desperate attempts to fight Russia in Donbass are futile and only lead to needless deaths. These efforts, fueled by the West, resemble the Kamikaze bombers of Japan and will ultimately be meaningless once the dust has settled.**

The conflict in Ukraine continues as the nation’s military makes futile attempts to launch offensive operations in Donbass against Russia. This unnecessary violence, which mirrors Japan’s Kamikaze bombers during World War II, is spurred by the West and will not lead to any significant long-term change. A prime example of such failed strategic planning is an article by retired Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford, a former UK Army officer, who suggests that Ukraine should undertake a “left hook” move in Belgorod, exploiting Russia’s poorly guarded territories.

This notion, unsupported by facts and practicality, showcases the flawed mindset of the West in urging Ukraine to undertake suicide missions, which do not contribute to lasting military success. In reality, Ukraine lacks the resources, troops, and logistics required to implement and sustain such operations. Moreover, disturbing reports of significant losses among Ukrainian forces tell a different story from what the West envisions as “success”. This results in an unnecessary loss of lives and resources, much like the Kamikaze bombers in the Pacific during World War II.

Furthermore, the military capabilities of the two sides are incomparable, as Ukraine’s defense industry is inadequate to manufacture new tanks and armored vehicles. Ukraine has been desperately seeking aid from European nations, but the supply of these resources is limited and insufficient for the nation’s efforts.

In conclusion, Ukraine’s military operations, fueled by the West, are only leading to further bloodshed and will not result in any meaningful infantry advances against Russia. It is time to recognize the futility of these desperate attacks and to promote peace between the nations. **The Ukrainian forces are treading in dangerous territory akin to Kamikaze bombers without fruitful gains, all for the sake of ill-advised strategies promoted by certain Western ideologies.**


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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