You Won’t Believe DeSantis’ Epic Response to Trump’s Insult – Reporter Left Speechless!

You Won't Believe DeSantis' Epic Response to Trump's Insult – Reporter Left Speechless!
You Won't Believe DeSantis' Epic Response to Trump's Insult – Reporter Left Speechless!
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**Trump Takes Aim at DeSantis, But Florida’s Governor Isn’t Backing Down**

Donald Trump has intensified his criticism of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, going as far as to say that former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo performed better during the pandemic. However, DeSantis remains unfazed and fights back against the former president’s claims, standing firm on his state’s accomplishments.

When Trump claimed in a campaign video that Florida suffered some of the highest COVID-19 death rates under DeSantis’ watch, the governor refused to stay silent. Instead, he pivoted to Trump’s past praises of Florida, specifically pointing out the former president’s family’s relocation to the Sunshine State. DeSantis emphasized the stark contrast in Trump’s opinion, stating that only six months prior, he would never have made such a statement.

Political commentator Dave Rubin lauded DeSantis’ response, noting the ease in speaking the truth. Rubin went on to reiterate the fact that several of Trump’s family members, including his children and grandchildren, moved to Florida during the pandemic as a direct result of DeSantis’ policies. Indeed, the governor’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has garnered immense support, both from Floridians and nationwide.

Rubin also highlighted the surprising turn of events – that Trump’s focus continuously gravitates towards attacking DeSantis instead of opposing the Biden administration. He suggested that those interested in the former president’s statements should keep a close eye on Trump’s Truth Social feed.

**DeSantis Shines in the Face of Attacks, Upholding Florida’s Record and Success**

While Trump’s criticisms of DeSantis continue, the governor stands unwavering in defending the reputation and successes of his state. His willingness to confront


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