Biden Admin Expands CBP One App, Floods US with 40,000 Foreign Nationals Monthly!

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The Biden administration’s decision to flood the United States with record numbers of foreign nationals through the CBP One app has sparked outrage and concern. Is this a deliberate attempt to undermine border security? Or is it just a misguided policy that prioritizes illegal immigrants over American citizens? The shocking details will leave you astounded!

In a bold and controversial move, the Biden administration has announced an expansion of the CBP One application, allowing an unprecedented influx of foreign nationals into the United States. With over 80,000 admissions in the last four months alone, this latest decision raises serious questions about the administration’s commitment to border security and the well-being of American citizens.

The CBP One app, a digital platform that enables asylum seekers to schedule appointments at ports of entry, has become the primary method for processing and admitting foreign nationals seeking asylum. Under the new quota, an alarming 40,000 foreign nationals will be admitted each month. This staggering number does not even account for the parole program exclusively for individuals from Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. However the app is not working for those who were already released into the USA.

Critics argue that this expansion is a clear indication of the Biden administration’s disregard for the rule of law and its apparent willingness to prioritize the needs of illegal immigrants over American citizens. Republican Senator Josh Hawley has been particularly vocal, condemning the CBP One app as a “concierge service for illegal immigrants.” This decision not only undermines the integrity of our immigration system but also exacerbates the ongoing border crisis.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Biden administration recently introduced a policy called the “Circumvention of Lawful Pathways,” which incentivizes foreign nationals to use the digital application process. However, this policy has faced strong opposition from 18 Republican state Attorneys General. They argue that it attempts to redefine illegal border crossings as “lawful pathways,” effectively sidestepping the real issue at hand—the dire need for border security.

As major cities like Chicago and New York struggle to cope with the influx of border crossers, the Biden administration seems more focused on accommodating illegal immigrants than addressing the concerns of American citizens. The Chicago City Council recently approved a staggering $51 million in funding to provide housing for the thousands of foreign nationals who have arrived since August 2022. Similarly, 50 places of worship in New York City will begin offering shelter to foreign nationals. Mayor Eric Adams even hinted at the possibility of private citizens being compelled to house migrants in their own residences.

While the administration neglects the border crisis and prioritizes the well-being of foreign nationals, an estimated 1.5 million gotaways—illegal immigrants who have successfully evaded capture—have entered the United States during Biden’s tenure. Shockingly, this number is three times higher than the total gotaways during the last three years of the Trump administration. These alarming figures demonstrate a clear failure of the Biden administration’s border policies.

It is no surprise that a recent CBS News poll found that 63% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the United States border, while only 37% approve. The administration’s lackluster response to the border crisis, combined with their decision to flood the country with foreign nationals, is a slap in the face to American citizens and an open invitation to further chaos.

The Biden administration’s expansion of the CBP One app and its disregard for border security has ignited outrage among conservatives. As the influx of foreign nationals strains major cities and gotaways continue to evade capture, the American people are growing increasingly concerned. It’s time to demand accountability and prioritize the safety and well-being of our own citizens.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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