Discover the Shocking Heart of the ‘Pride’ Revolution That’s Changing Everything!

Discover the Shocking Heart of the 'Pride' Revolution That's Changing Everything!
Discover the Shocking Heart of the 'Pride' Revolution That's Changing Everything!
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June starts Pride Month, an event that has gone beyond promoting tolerance to pushing for a complete overhaul of traditional cultural norms. This revolution threatens the foundation on which societies have been built throughout history – but what is the real agenda behind it?

Pride Month originally aimed to destigmatize and advocate for tolerance and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations. However, it has become a vehicle for revolution, pushing for the replacement of established norms in favor of untested, risky alternatives. It wants to dismantle heteronormativity – the belief that society is built on male-female relationships and procreation – which it claims is oppressive and limiting.

The origins of this ideology lie in the thinking of Herbert Marcuse, who argued that a new non-repressive civilization could only be created by rewriting sexual norms. The sexual revolution would free people to perceive human bodies as objects of pleasure, disassociating sex from marriage and parenthood. This indulgent view of sex as an unrestricted source of happiness has been adopted by Pride, as well as feminist Shulamith Firestone, who claimed that eliminating gender distinctions was the way to true human happiness.

Now, society’s elites have bought into Marcuse and Firestone’s vision for an exclusive and liberated dystopian world, where established norms are ruthlessly eliminated in favor of boundless sexual gratification. But to enforce this new order, suppression of traditional values is necessary. For the goals of the sexual revolution to be fully realized, old norms must be destroyed and replaced by alternatives that ensure a uniformly enforced belief system.

As a result, the culture war r


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