Media Collusion Unveiled: Trump’s Judge Wages War on Big Tech Censorship

Unmasking Censorship: Trump Judge Leads Charge
Unmasking Censorship: Trump Judge Leads Charge
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In an explosive revelation, an investigation led by Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty uncovers a deceitful plot: Big Tech and long-standing media organizations have been allegedly silencing their competition. The cunning collusion, designed to manipulate online narratives and stifle the dissemination of diverse opinions, strikes at the heart of our cherished democratic principle – the freedom of speech. It’s a power-play with profound implications, not only for American independent journalism, but for every citizen who trusts the free press. The wake-up call is clear: our fight to reclaim unbiased, fair news from the clutches of corporate collusion begins here.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty
U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty

The eye-opening lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Louisiana, has exposed how venerable media organizations – Reuters, the Associated Press, and the BBC – along with unidentified Big Tech corporations, have allegedly infringed on U.S. laws by colluding to suppress news publishers. This supposed conspiracy was orchestrated under the banner of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a coalition formed in 2020 with the purported objective of halting “harmful disinformation myths” and “fake news”.

However, the lawsuit contests these claims. In the name of fighting ‘fake news’, TNI has apparently utilized its influence to subdue competing news outlets, such as the Children’s Health Defense. Even discussions around the possible origins of COVID-19 were suppressed, despite their potential validity.

These actions, the lawsuit contends, were driven by self-interest and in clear violation of the Sherman Act, a cornerstone of U.S. anti-trust law. This act prevents competitors from conspiring to restrict economic competition, which is exactly what this “group boycott” of media entities appears to do.

The damage, as the plaintiffs argue, is significant. They report losing millions due to this imposed censorship, further aggravating the controversy. Among the plaintiffs is Jim Hoft, the founder of Gateway Pundit, a well-known online news publisher.

Their plea to the court is straightforward: declare the conduct of these media organizations as unlawful and restrict them from continuing to participate in TNI and collectively boycott or censor other publishers. Damages are also being sought.

The legacy media outlets implicated in the case have largely maintained silence. When The Epoch Times sought comment, the Washington Post opted not to remark on the ongoing litigation, and representatives from Reuters, the Associated Press, and the BBC didn’t respond.

Intriguingly, this lawsuit aligns with a series of similar suits being filed. Evidence unearthed in Missouri v. Biden case, where Judge Doughty ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, indicated that government officials had indeed pressured Big Tech firms to censor users under both the Trump and Biden administrations.

Among the suits filed recently, one stands out – a case brought forward by people claiming COVID-19 vaccine injuries, accusing top U.S. officials of violating their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Even Stanford University’s disinformation researcher, Alex Stamos, is being charged with unlawfully pressuring social media platforms to censor users.

Despite the government’s efforts to dismiss these allegations, claiming public and private statements didn’t amount to coercion, Judge Doughty staunchly defended the plaintiffs, pointing to veiled threats made by officials to achieve their censorship goals. The fight for free speech, it appears, is just beginning.

This revelation should jolt every American to their core. Our free press, the bastion of democracy, stands threatened by corporate collusion that seeks to silence dissenting voices. The exposure of this censorious plot, masterminded by the legacy media and Big Tech giants, underscores the urgent need for collective action. It’s incumbent on each one of us to reclaim the power of the free press from these corporate colluders. Stand up for an unbiased, fair, and democratic press that serves the interests of the people, not the powerful. Let the battle for free speech begin, for the future of our democracy depends on it.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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