Shocking Revelation: Alan Dershowitz Exposes George Soros’ Alleged Hidden Agenda Against America!

Shocking Revelation: Alan Dershowitz Exposes George Soros' Alleged Hidden Agenda Against America!
Shocking Revelation: Alan Dershowitz Exposes George Soros' Alleged Hidden Agenda Against America!
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**Prominent legal mind Alan Dershowitz and political commentator Glenn Beck consolidate their agreement on one vital point: George Soros poses a threat to freedom and democracy. In a recent interview, Dershowitz exposed Soros’ disturbing past and intentions, while Beck warns about the consequences of his powerful influence on mainstream media.**

Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz and conservative pundit Glenn Beck may stand on opposite sides of many political issues, but they come together in their shared belief that George Soros represents a sinister force working against the Jewish people, Israel, and America. In a recent interview, Dershowitz and Beck highlighted rare joint viewpoints, expressing their outspoken disapproval of Soros.

Glenn Beck has been cautioning Americans about Soros for years, resulting in Soros using his influence to spread lies about Beck, even calling him an anti-Semite. Dershowitz vehemently denies these claims, saying, “How dare anybody call you an anti-Semite.” They both agree that the real anti-Semite being discussed is George Soros.

Dershowitz takes a firm stand against Soros, accusing him of being “self-hating” and therefore “not even a Jew.” Furthermore, he alleges that Soros made his first profits by seizing Jewish property during the Holocaust. Dershowitz claims that Soros spends his entire life working to undermine Jews, Israel, and the United States, but no one condemns him simply because he’s Jewish.

Soros continues to be harmful to America, the Jewish people, and Israel, argues Dershowitz. He and Beck have vocally criticized him for decades and will continue to do so despite facing backlash. Dershowitz, who is Jewish, says, “Let people call me an anti-Semite.”

Beck believes it’s essential to speak out against Soros because of his funding control over many sectors and his grip on mainstream media. “No one in the media will say anything about George Soros, and he is dismantling our country,” Beck warns.

Dershowitz takes issue with even pro-Israel publications defending Soros. The Jerusalem Post published an article suggesting that “Every Jew must support George Soros.” Dershowitz responded, “Not this Jew.” And he remains steadfast in his refusal to support Soros or remain quiet about his actions


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