Ukraine Succumbs to Global Influence, Commences Doomed Assault

Ukraine Succumbs to Global Influence, Commences Doomed Assault
Ukraine Succumbs to Global Influence, Commences Doomed Assault
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Ukraine’s ill-fated offensive: A disastrous attempt to push Russia back

Ukraine has launched its long-promised military offensive against Russia, and as expected, the results have been devastating for the nation on multiple fronts. As Russia claims to have killed 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers within just 48 hours, it becomes apparent that Ukraine’s failures are rooted in their lack of sufficient trained manpower, differing training methods, inadequate artillery, and an ineffective air defense system – all ultimately leading to the destruction of western-donated military equipment worth nearly a billion dollars.

Having long been tipped off about Ukraine’s plans and order of battle, Russia’s well-informed intelligence seems to have outclassed any support Ukraine received from its western allies. The Ukrainian troops, now trying to advance on Russian defensive lines, are being brutally ripped apart. In addition to the dire loss of lives, Ukraine is dealing with the destruction of a significant portion of the Kakhova dam – an event that has flooded southern Ukraine and ignited heated speculation surrounding who bears the responsibility.

Despite the myriad of theories about who stands to benefit or suffer from this calamity, it is more plausible to believe that it was a Ukrainian operation as the following tweet concisely argues. Meanwhile, the world has witnessed an unusual public appearance by Russian General Shoigu, who described Russia’s actions in detail as a display of their military prowess.

The distressing outcome of Ukraine’s unsuccessful attempt to defeat Russia on the battlefield, compounded by the exorbitant losses in military equipment, will likely nurture political unrest in Kiev. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s days may well be numbered as his trajectory aligns with the likes of Adolf Hitler who met his demise locked away beneath the Reich


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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