CNN’s Dirty Game Exposed: Chris Cuomo and WarnerMedia Colluded to Influence COVID Lockdowns!

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Uncover the explosive conspiracy that CNN and WarnerMedia desperately tried to hide! Secret text messages, shady dealings, and a multi-million-dollar lawsuit await. You won’t believe the depths of corruption and manipulation that have come to light. Get ready for a shocking journey into the dark underbelly of media influence and political connections. Buckle up for a ride that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew!

WarnerMedia, the AT&T subsidiary that once owned CNN, has been exposed for using Chris Cuomo’s ties to his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, to influence policy decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Startling revelations have emerged from text messages exchanged between WarnerMedia executive Allison Gollust and Andrew Cuomo, obtained exclusively by Semafor. These messages shed light on a nefarious scheme to reopen movie theaters that had been closed due to the pandemic.

Gollust, who had a close relationship with CNN boss Jeff Zucker, reached out to Andrew Cuomo in September 2020, urging him to speak to Ann Sarnoff, the head of studios at WarnerMedia at that time. The aim was clear: to persuade Andrew Cuomo to allow the gradual reopening of movie theaters in New York, specifically targeting the release of the highly anticipated film “Tenet” directed by Christopher Nolan.

In a text message, Gollust conveyed her disappointment that theaters remained closed and requested Andrew Cuomo to “hear her out” regarding the matter. It didn’t take long for the wheels of influence to turn. Soon after Andrew Cuomo and Sarnoff engaged in a conversation, the former governor made the decision to reopen movie theaters outside of New York City.

WarnerMedia’s motive was evident — they wanted to cash in on the success of “Tenet” and recoup their investment. However, the movie fell short of expectations, grossing $363.7 million worldwide instead of the projected $400-500 million required to break even. This setback highlights the dubious nature of WarnerMedia’s actions and raises questions about their true intentions.

The text messages that have come to light are now set to be presented as crucial evidence in an ongoing arbitration proceeding involving Chris Cuomo and CNN. The former primetime host, who was fired by Jeff Zucker in late 2021, is seeking $125 million in damages for wrongful termination. By showcasing these messages, Chris Cuomo aims to demonstrate how his former employers were willing to exploit their connections with Andrew Cuomo for their own advantage.

The upcoming arbitration hearing promises to be explosive, with the potential inclusion of testimonies from prominent CNN personalities such as Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, and the key players involved, including Zucker and Gollust. The depth of corruption and manipulation within CNN’s ranks is being laid bare for the world to see.

In response to these developments, CNN has chosen to remain silent, refusing to provide any comment on the matter. This silence speaks volumes and leaves many wondering what CNN is trying to hide. The truth is slowly unraveling, exposing the deep-rooted rot within one of the most prominent media organizations in the world.

As the arbitration hearing approaches, the gravity of this scandal grows more apparent. The collusion between CNN, WarnerMedia, and the Cuomo brothers highlights the lengths to which media conglomerates are willing to go to serve their own interests. The trust we place in news organizations is being shattered, and the time for accountability has come. Stay tuned as we continue to unravel this web of deceit and expose the true face of corruption. This is a story that will shape the future of media and redefine the boundaries of journalistic integrity.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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