Shocking Revelation: College Admissions Rigged Against Hardworking Students!

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Prepare to be shocked! The Supreme Court’s deliberations on affirmative action have ignited a fiery debate about fairness in college admissions. Witness the heart-wrenching story of Jon Wang, a gifted Asian student with outstanding test scores, who was denied admission to top universities due to race-based policies. Discover the truth behind this controversial issue!

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell took a firm stand against affirmative action during an appearance on “The Faulkner Focus.” He passionately argued that this outdated practice no longer has a place in modern America, emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities for all individuals. Terrell accused the left of incessantly playing the race card, attempting to transport the nation back to the turbulent days of the 1960s and 1970s.

With conviction, Terrell declared, “There is no need for affirmative action. You give people the opportunity to achieve and do hard work.” He passionately defended Jon Wang, the Asian student who excelled academically but was denied entry to prestigious universities because of his skin color. Terrell condemned the equity game played by the left-wing administration, asserting that it comes at the expense of hard-working people like Wang.

Moreover, Terrell lambasted the media for manipulating Asian Americans into supporting affirmative action. While many polls suggest that most Asian Americans endorse these policies, Terrell drew attention to a Pew Research survey that unveiled a surprising statistic. Only 21 percent of Asian Americans believe race should be a factor in college admissions decisions. He pointed to this as evidence of the media’s control over public opinion and their relentless portrayal of racial discrimination.

Terrell then posed a powerful question: Is this country not more diverse now than it was decades ago? The answer is an unequivocal yes. He highlighted the presence of individuals from all ethnic backgrounds in government institutions, citing examples such as having a black president and people of various colors leading major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The race card, Terrell asserted, is being played at the expense of hardworking individuals like Jon Wang, who should be celebrated for their accomplishments rather than penalized based on their skin color.

Firmly convinced that affirmative action has no place in our society, Terrell called for the Supreme Court to strike down this discriminatory practice. He insisted that affirmative action should be terminated immediately, emphasizing that it is not a perpetual solution but rather an outdated relic of the past.

Terrell continued his critique by lambasting the left’s portrayal of the United States as a systemically racist country. He vehemently rejected the notion that black and brown people are not capable of achieving success without government assistance. Terrell adamantly argued that hard work, determination, and equal opportunities are the true keys to prosperity, not reliance on racial quotas.

Leo Terrell’s impassioned defense of equal opportunities and his condemnation of affirmative action shed light on the flaws and consequences of this outdated policy. The Supreme Court’s decision on this matter will undoubtedly shape the future of college admissions and reaffirm the principles of meritocracy and fairness. It’s time to put an end to affirmative action’s discriminatory reign.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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