Adam Schiff Slithers Away (for now), Protected by 20 Treacherous GOP Turncoats!

Unmasking the Coward 20: The GOP Traitors Aiding Schiff's Great Escape!
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In a jaw-dropping act of perfidy, 20 Republicans unmasked themselves as collaborators in Democrat Adam Schiff’s elaborate charade, refusing to censure him for the slanderous crusade against President Trump. This spineless clique, dubbed the “Coward 20,” facilitated Schiff’s evasion of a $16 million fine for wasting taxpayers’ money on baseless allegations against Trump. However, patriots beware and Schiff be warned: this evasive maneuver will not derail the pursuit of justice!

The stage was set for retribution. Conservative warriors were poised to finally bring Schiff to justice for his malicious role in the unfounded impeachment of President Trump, funded by a staggering $32 million of taxpayer money. With a resounding ‘yes’ to the censure motion, Schiff could have been made to pay back half of the misused funds, marking a significant win for justice.

Yet, when it was time to draw the line in the sand, 20 Republicans shockingly wavered. Armstrong, Chavez-DeRemer, Ciscomani, Cole, Davidson, Fitzpatrick, Granger, Graves (LA), Kean (NJ), Kiley, Kim (CA), Lawler, Massie, McClintock, Molinaro, Obernolte, Simpson, Turner, Valadao, and Womack — the Coward 20 — crossed the party line to protect Schiff, undermining the principles they were elected to uphold.

This vote is emblematic of Schiff’s history of deceit and manipulation. Remember, it was Schiff who spearheaded the fruitless investigation into President Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia prior to the 2016 election — a charge that was never substantiated. Despite the lack of evidence, Schiff and his Democrat cohorts proceeded with a baseless impeachment, accusing Trump of abusing power and obstructing Congress.

Schiff’s manipulation didn’t end there. Serving on the House Intelligence Committee, he further fueled division and misused his position to push his party’s biased narrative. Yet, even with this disgraceful record, Schiff was spared censure by those who should have championed justice.

In contrast, consider the recent censure of Rep. Paul Gosar over a cartoon video, an act of seeming pettiness compared to Schiff’s deliberate deception and misuse of funds. Clearly, there is a double standard at play, one that punishes conservatives while excusing the misconduct of liberal stalwarts.

In light of this blatant hypocrisy, we must remember that justice, although delayed, is never denied. Following the disappointing vote, Rep Luna assured her fellow Republicans that she plans to refile the resolution to censure Schiff next week, demonstrating the unwavering resolve of conservatives to hold Schiff accountable for his actions.

Despite Schiff’s evasive maneuvers and the shocking betrayal by the Coward 20, the fight for justice is far from over. Schiff may have escaped censure for now, but he cannot escape the inevitable. The shadow of retribution looms large, promising to bring him to account for his underhanded tactics and disrespect of the office he holds. Patriots, stand firm, for the reckoning is nigh! The pursuit of justice is relentless, and the fall of Adam Schiff is but a matter of time.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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